Cosmic Poems

Terrible Old Man

Good morning Metal Pilgrims. Today I bring you "Cosmic Poems" by TERRIBLE OLD MAN. This […]
By Sebastien "Bass" Parent
October 16, 2015
Terrible Old Man - Cosmic Poems album cover

Good morning Metal Pilgrims. Today I bring you "Cosmic Poems" by TERRIBLE OLD MAN. This band from Germany is giving us a solid performance in this new album. As a fun fact, all of the music from TERRIBLE OLD MAN is inspired by the original poems of H.P. Lovecraft. I rather enjoyed listening to this album.

The musicians are definitely playing very well together. The music is following the vocal very well in a Trash Metal/Hard Rock style. I think the melodies are lacking a bit in a few parts of the album, but as a whole it's pretty good. And when I say the melodies, I'm merely saying that the writing itself of some part gave us a few dull moment. However, this is the kind of lack that is quickly forgotten when you hear the next part of the song.

I also found the vocals a bit irritating on some sections. It felt a bit too forced on some notes. But then again, it was a nice performance overall.

There are three songs that really caught my attention on this album: "Despair", "The Cats" and "The Wood". All three of those are fast paced and have a really good melody that catches the ears. Well, pretty much all songs had a good pace; there are no slow downs really on the album except maybe for the prologue at the end of the album.

One major beef I have though; the album is below the 40 minute mark. With the fast pace of the songs and the tone of the vocals, it felt very short. I would have loved to get a bit more material from TERRIBLE OLD MAN.

All in all, it is a good album. Nothing too fancy or to jump out the window for, but I enjoyed all of it. I do recommend that you give these guys a try. I think they are showing a lot of promises with this piece.

7 / 10


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"Cosmic Poems" Track-listing:

1. The Messenger
2. The Festival
3. The Garden
4. Despair
5. Astrophobos
6. The Cats
7. The Wood
8. Book of Wonders
9. Nemesis 1
10. Nemesis 2
11. Ctulhu Fhtang

Terrible Old Man Lineup:

Angstrom - Vocals
Herbert West - Guitars
Barnabas Marsh - Bass
Randolph Carter - Guitars
Simon Canfield - Drums

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