Sickening Annihilation

Terrible Claw

Longtime fans of the Death scene and newest Death scene arrival TERRIBLE CLAW are proud […]
By Kyle Scott
November 8, 2018
Terrible Claw - Sickening Annihilation album cover

Longtime fans of the Death scene and newest Death scene arrival TERRIBLE CLAW are proud to show off their contribution to the metal gods. Sickening Annihilation is a bone shattering tribute to old school Death. Duo Paul Harrington and Stuart Pendergast have their rabid sound on lockdown with muscly riffs and corrosive lyrics, an explosive concoction suitable for every type of rage bender to suit your needs. TERRIBLE CLAW has intense bloodshed to deal, with an immeasurable number of bones to pick with people who have pissed them off.

TERRIBLE CLAW rises from their tomb like a shrieking poltergeist in the opening title track. A scathing track about the ouroboros of violence that consumes the world, how inescapable it feels and how apathetic people are to fix it. "Statistical Apocalypse" rumbles through a wasteland of decay and razes the last traces of a lost time with sharp toothed riffs and soundbites of terrible headlines across the world. TERRIBLE CLAW represent themes of total destruction, the people behind it, and those who do nothing to stop it because they are to wrapped up in their insular lives like in "Self-Centered Reality".

The band is also partial to the 2006 movie An Inconvenient Truth. Their song of the same name, "Inconvenient Truth" calls out the dangers of man-made climate change. TERRIBLE CLAW plays bone buzzing chords that rip through bass drums and pattering cymbals with the efficiency of a melodic chainsaw. High, uplifting chords in "Pacification Machine" are an interesting break from all the hellish buzz of the state of the world leaking out from the speakers in a thick sludge. "Nature Imperfect" wraps things up with a serious warning of a new form of evolution on the rise if we continue on the path we do; a terrible new form of species mutated by years of neglectful pollution and drug resistance is soon to be our legacy. TERRIBLE CLAW packs in a bitter pill of looming danger that is all too real in their music.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Sickening Annihilation" Track-listing:

1. Sickening Annihilation
2. Statistical Apocalypse
3. Self-Centered Reality
4. Inconvenient Truth
5. The Worst of All Scum
6. Ionosphere
7. Pacification Machine
8. Catastrophic Uniformity
9. Nature Imperfect

Terrible Claw Lineup:

Paul Harrington
Stuart Pendergast

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