Eyes Unfolded


It was obvious right from the start due to the cover and the band's label […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 3, 2007
Terhen - Eyes Unfolded album cover

It was obvious right from the start due to the cover and the band's label that this would be a rather hard review for me. I am one of the people that are far from being characterized as Doom/Death Metal fans. If you agree with me, then don't bother reading the rest of this review. If you like this kind of music, keep reading...

TERHEN is one of the classic bands Firebox has. Sorry for saying something like that, but the only word that can describe this kind of boring Doom/Death Metal is uninspired. The fact that they were formerly known as THAMUZ will probably be not that interesting to you. I don't know what THAMUZ and TERHEN mean and I didn't even bother searching the net.

The band was formed in January 2004 and has been delivering boring and whiny music since then. Sorry but the always-common abomination that features a guy with brutal vocals and female vocals that are accompanied by heavy melodies and violins has become more than irritating. Even Metalcore has more differences than this thing! Bands like MY DYING BRIDE and ORPHANAGE are way better for obvious reasons and I have reached to the conclusion that the rest of the bands in this genre are just copying the successful recipes the aforementioned bands have left in the Metal history book.

I almost fell asleep with Eyes Unfolded and its five never-ending songs! The album's duration is 53:52 and Eyes Unfolded features only five tracks! Lord show some mercy on this poor little soul!

3 / 10


"Eyes Unfolded" Track-listing:

Six Months
Last Moments
What Truly Is Real

Terhen Lineup:

Jyri Pylvanainen - Vocals
Elisa Pellinen - Vocals
Markus Mieskolainen - Guitar
Jarmo Leikas - Bass
Marianne Mieskolainen - Synths, Violin
Joni Romo - Drums

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