The Path

Temptation's Wings

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TEMPTATION'S WINGS; unsigned/independent, hailing from […]
July 15, 2019
Temptation's Wings - The Path album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TEMPTATION'S WINGS; unsigned/independent, hailing from the United States of America - performing Stoner/Southern/Doom Metal, on their 3rd EP entitled: "The Path" (released May 17th, 2019).

Since formation in 2005; the quartet in question have a Demo, 3 EPs; 1 Full-Length Studio Album, and 1 Live Album in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 3rd EP entitled: "The Path". 2 tracks ranging at around 10:62; TEMPTATION'S WINGS arranges an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Stoner/Southern/Doom Metal amalgamations, "Dimensions" begins the EP (of which I would personally call a single, due to it being only 2 very short songs) - conveying instrumental crunchiness & amplified adrenaline fuelled into a barraged frenzy of boistrously bouncy flamboyancy. Battering drummer Jason Gardner hammers cymbals with profusely robust pounding; slamming with uniquely versatile vehemence, and fluidly polished ramifications - portraying rambunctious speed & seamlessly sonic skill.

Micah Nix on vocals/guitar consists of concretely gnarly fabrications of blistering thunder; riveting rhythms, rapidly swift solos & meticulously nimble manifestations that showcase relentlessly raw tempos with roughly melodious meatiness - transistioned with complexly dextrous dynamics & energetically frolicking executions. Chugging & galloping into a frantic flair of euphonically harmonious haste, demonstrating distinctive detail in which implements electrifying elements with hardened hymns and imaginative concepts. Also attributing clean, high-pitched lungs - pipes of potential talent & organic substance, the frontman distributes excelling embellishments of experimental executions & gritty aesthetics in which provide progressively technical pursuits of catchy creativity & captivating craftsmanship (reminding me of GRAND MAGUS' frontman too).

Chad Burnwell also on guitars exercises a healthy dose of diligently composed foundations of finesse; borderline diversity, groovy quintessentials of punchline silver linings...lacerating rip-roaring shreds that scream with vengeful savagery & stability. "Murkwood" injects infectiously audible bass contributions from Ryan Fox; forging firepower, expertise & crushingly thumpy stomps of momentously volatile variety. Overall; I am compelled to say that TEMPATATION'S WINGS certainly outdone themselves with this one, this monstrously distinguished EP is addictive as well as easily replayable. The Stoner/Southern/Doom Metal sub-genres are well noticable; orchestrated with marvellous musicianship, and engaged with splendid results - a solid taste of styles of what is yet to be fully delivered - excellent.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Path" Track-listing:

1. Murkwood
2. Dimensions

Temptation's Wings Lineup:

Micah Nix - Vocals/Guitar
Chad Barnwell - Guitar
Ryan Fox - Bass
Jason Gardner - Drums

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