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Temple of Lies

TEMPLE OF LIES released their latest album, "From Sand", through Attic Records on March 4, […]
By Garrett Davis
May 7, 2016
Temple of Lies - From Sand album cover

TEMPLE OF LIES released their latest album, "From Sand", through Attic Records on March 4, 2016. The first song on the album, "Rope" kicks off with a distinctly groovy sound that isn't too heavy, with electronically distorted vocals. "Bats" switches into a higher gear with an electric guitar riff and faster tempo. Their next offering, "Crystal", has a smoother sound from the quieter vocals underlying the instrumental. The namesake song for the album, "From Sand", has a strained feeling from the warbling and echoing guitar to the scratchy vocals.

The fifth entry on the album is entitled "From the Greed", but besides a reference to rolling dice, the song seems more focused on the line, "indestructible", repeated throughout and the song definitely has a sound that can't be beat. "Riff Machine" is a cool exploration of the talents of their guitarist, Jon Scranney, and his guitar work is the obvious focus of the track. "Fire in the Hole" steps up to the plate with some solid guitar and drum work that starts and stops before some more distorted vocals kick off. "Pure Alcohol" is another interesting choice, since the song has a morbid sound that works really well with the haunting riffs and whispered vocals. The song is about warning off a vampire from drinking the singer, as his blood is, you guessed it, "Pure Alcohol".

The next song, "888" definitely revs up the pace and got me rocking along. The second-to-last song, "Pigbitch", has a charming name, and obviously describes a woman who the writer either loved or hated, and the low growling vocals and fierce drum beats really highlight the intensity of the emotion. After "Pigbitch" comes the final song, "Mom", which follows pretty closely to the tone of its predecessor. Something about the tone, cadence, tempo, and grunting vocals just reminds me of METALLICA. It took me awhile to figure out just what it is about TEMPLE OF LIES that is so familiar. Like METALLICA, each of their songs sound fairly different from each other while still having something about them that ties the songs together. Frankly I really dig "From Sand" and I'm gonna keep my eye out for more.<

8 / 10









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"From Sand" Track-listing:

1. Rope
2. Bats
3. Crystal
4. From Sand
5. Feed the Greed
6. Riff Machine
7. Fire in the Hole
8. Pure Alcohol
9. 888
10. Pigbitch
11. Mom

Temple of Lies Lineup:

Jon Scranney - Guitar
Simon Ball - Bass
Alex Gamble - Drums
Simon Shaw - Vocals

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