Scusate Per Il Sangue


TEMPESTA are a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Italy formed in 1992. With […]
By Iron Mathew
December 30, 2013
Tempesta - Scusate Per Il Sangue album cover

TEMPESTA are a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Italy formed in 1992. With this latest release the band have decided that all songs should be sung in their native Italian language "...because we believe that music is the only way to raise awareness of our ideals, singing in English we did not have the same response from the audience" states bass player Carlo Rota.

The album opens with "Crollera il Cielo" a foot tapping Hard Rock song with some great guitar playing. The title song "Scusate per il Sangue" is much harder, bordering on Traditional Heavy Metal, but the guitar sound keeps it on the side of Rock as it rumbles on. "Idiocracy" and "Imperi di Sabbia" are both foot stomping Hard Rock songs with some blistering guitar work.

"I Cani del Padrone" is a mid tempo romp, "La Paura del Diverso" opens with a nice acoustic passage before turning into a foot tapping, gentle head nodding ballad-like song and "La Legge Uguala per Tutti" is an up tempo guitar driven rampage. "Non Siamo Numeri" is another mid tempo guitar driven song, "Radici nel Cemento" opens in a flourish of drums and rattles at pace through power metal riffs while the mid tempo thump of "Mentre Tu Dormi" is an anthemic slab of Hard Rock. "Sparami sul Viso" finishes the album in frenetic style with pace, power and some excellent guitar work.

Overall, polished and professional guitar driven Heavy Rock / Metal that is very well played and well mixed allowing the music to shine through.

7 / 10


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"Scusate Per Il Sangue" Track-listing:

1. Crollera il Cielo
2. Scusate per il Sangue
3. Idiocracy
4. Imperi di Sabbia
5. I Cani del Padrone
6. La Paura del Diverso
7. La Legge e Uguala per Tutti
8. Non Siamo Numeri
9. Radici nel Cemento
10. Mentre Tu Dormi
11. Sparami sul Viso

Tempesta Lineup:

Carlo Rota - Bass
Fulvio Sain - Guitars / Vocals
Alessandro Longo - Drums

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