Tomb of Doom

Tar Pit

TAR PIT is a Doom Metal band based out of Portland, Oregon. Active since 2014, […]
Tar Pit - Tomb of Doom album cover

TAR PIT is a Doom Metal band based out of Portland, Oregon. Active since 2014, "Tomb of Doom" is the band's debut full-length, and contains five lengthy tracks. "Rune" leads off the album, with some opening fuzzy feedback, and ultra-low guitar notes. It settles into a lumbering riff, with vocals that are somewhat in the background, fuzzy and muddled. It pauses for a long and sobering interlude about half way through, before returning with some speed at the end. "Sauin" is a bit shorter of a track. The riff is muddied and impossibly slow, like hearing the thudding footsteps of a wooly mammoth lumber over the open plains. It settles into a groove with a mid-tempo pace, fueled mostly by the guitar riffs. It pauses again for an interlude of mostly bass guitar about ¾ of the way through, before finishing strong.

"Capra Nocturnus" is the shortest track, at just under six minutes in length. The main riff jumps around a bit; creating a dissonance and lack of melody. It just punishes you over and over with its mesmerizing sound. "Bruja" opens with bass guitar notes and a slightly faster pace. They lay on that main riff as long as the can, squeezing the life out of it. At one point, a second guitar joins the fold, treading heavily onto the earth below. "Tomb of Doom" closes the album, with a slightly faster pace, and a bit of BLACK SABBATH in the main riff. It move so slowly that it barely registers on the Richter scale. The riff thuds against the ground like an asteroid shower slowly falling to the earth. It pauses at the half-way mark and barely moves, like a hibernating bear slowly awakening from its winter slumber. A guitar solo enters the fray as the main riff begins to gather speed, running hard to the finish.

Overall, this is about what you would expect from a Doom Metal band. It's good, but nothing overly exciting. But that's the genre. Sit back, light up a fatty, and let the Doom slowly sink in until it envelopes you like a warm blanket.

7 / 10









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"Tomb of Doom" Track-listing:

1. Rune
2. Sauin
3. Capra Notcurnus
4. Bruja
5. Tomb of Doom

Tar Pit Lineup:

Mat Ortega - Vocals
Stephen Hoffman - Lead Guitar
Brandon Martinez - Guitar
Derek Johnson - Drums

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