TANKARD is an unstoppable Thrashing and drinking reaping machine. Since their formation and after the […]
By Yiannis Doukas
December 14, 2008
Tankard - Thirst album cover

TANKARD is an unstoppable Thrashing and drinking reaping machine. Since their formation and after the Zombie Attack they keep unleashing a new record in every two years. Nothing seems able to be trammel on their road. Thirst is their new album, and is obviously a good one for these reasons:
1. There is the TANKARD name on the cover.
2. The cover is killer, the guy from the Kings Of Beer and B - Day is once again alive and kicking ready to drink his beer.
3. The songs names are brilliant as always. Just look, Sexy Feet Under, Myevilfart and Stay Thirsty!.
4. The band continues playing their alcoholic Thrash Metal as it should be.
5. Include the fact the TANKARD were always there playing this music, even in times when most of people had forgotten it. It's not a type of group that just remembered their glorious Thrashing past. This is very important.
The new album I guess continues the change that the band made into a more complex and varied riffing song's structure removing from punkish records a la Disco Destroyer into a more The Morning After and The Meaning Of Life directions. Major part for this was the Andy's alteration, Boulgaropoulos stopped and Gutjahr entered into the drunk carriage. Thirst continues exact where Beast Of Bourbon and The Beauty And The Beer stopped. Two albums that although were good, I cannot say that can be compared with previous ones. Same story here, tracks like Octane Warriors, Myevilfart and Echoes Of Fear are bearably amusing but not something special, except the chorus of the last one that smells Germany from miles beyond, it reminds me some of GRAVE DIGGER. I believe that this total melting your brains alcoholic guitar mania is missing, this feel that was like you were slipper upon a club floor full of beer as was in The Morning After.   
A surprising thing was some of the refrains that are melodic and very easy to be remembered. Deposit Pirates, Hyperthermia and G.A.L.O.W. have powerful choruses and the vocals are perfect, especially when the entire band is singing and are worth checking.
Stay Thirsty! has a brilliant intro idea, one of the most inspired moments in TANKARD's last decade but the great time inside this record are the following songs. First of all the almost sad and melancholic When Daddy Comes To Play that is a conspicuous track compared to the others. Have you ever imagined that TANKARD would write a song that makes your disposal being deep blue? Well, you'll better imagine it and it is not only this, this song is one of the best in band's career. The way that Gerre sings, the riffing, the child chorus, you have to listen this one immediately. I hope this song will bring some more funs in their side. Unbelievable and Thrash also. Next song is the very good Zodiac Man where the guitar gives a recital of noises that are capable to explode your head immediately. This is it, Thrash 'till the death! And the last one, Sexy Feet Under that is the fastest, with a killer refrain and lyrics that only TANKARD can write.
The solos are again in high levels, although I would like to be not so brief. Maybe a double guitar attack should fitted better, who knows, but this formula of the repeating melodic phrases in most of their beginnings is very good. The rest of the band's performance is also good, the vocals, the drumming, the bass, everything. So - what else to write? - just make sure that there will be plenty of alcohol in 19 of December, the Kings Of Beer return.

7 / 10


"Thirst" Track-listing:

Octane Warriors
Deposit Pirates
Stay Thirsty!
Echoes Of Fear
When Daddy Comes To Play
Zodiac Man
Sexy Feet Under

Tankard Lineup:

Gerre - Vocals
Andy - Guitars
Frank - Bass
Olaf - Drums

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