Beast Of Bourbon


A Frankfurt metal act lyrically obsessed by the subject of alcohol, Tankard's second album, Chemical […]
By Makis Kirkos
June 2, 2004
Tankard - Beast Of Bourbon album cover

A Frankfurt metal act lyrically obsessed by the subject of alcohol, Tankard's second album, Chemical Invasion, was close to being a crusade against the introduction of foreign chemicals into German beers!
Beast Of Bourbon is Tankard's new album and guess what... lyrically these guys are still obsessed with the subject of alcohol. I wonder why...
The inventors of Alcoholic Metal celebrate their twentieth anniversary in spring 2002 and they continue fiercely into the year of 2004. Thrash metal indeed, yeah. Pure, fast, Teutonic with killer guitar riffs and massive double-bass drumming. The way it has to be. Tankard did not let me down, once again. I just love it when the metal acts release something new and fresh by keeping their all time identity to the sound.
Let us raise our glasses to Tankard, who have continuously blessed the community with records on a regular basis. Five minimal line-up changes have done nothing to keep them from remaining an exclusive Frankfurt combo. Eleven smashers of the eleventh studio record, Beast Of Bourbon, show even more intense moments, proving Tankard's original power and heaviness at their best.
Not to forget producer Andy Classen's brilliant engineering and mixing of the spicy thrash metal brew.
Beast Of Bourbon will satisfy every Thrash Metal fan out there and for sure will attract many new ones too. I couldn't stop my head from banging and my face from smiling.
 Did anyone try to find a decent spot for Tankard's final curtain yet? No way! The freshness of Beast Of Bourbon proves that the ugliest thrash band in the world still has all the power and all the passion needed to stay with us for more to come.
Recommended: With a beer in hand and the volume turned up to maximum level...

8 / 10


"Beast Of Bourbon" Track-listing:

Under Friendly Fire
Slipping From Reality
Genetic Overkill
Die With A Beer In Your Hand
The Horde
Endless Pleasure
Dead Men Drinking
Alien Revenge
Fistful Of Love
Beyond The Pubyard
We´re Coming Back

Tankard Lineup:

Andreas Gerre Geremia - Vocals
Frank Thorwarth - Bass
Andy Gutjahr - Guitar
Olaf Zissel - Drums

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