One thing that's clear about TALON is that you'll know if you like them or […]
By Jacob Dawson
February 28, 2015
Talon - Fourplay album cover

One thing that's clear about TALON is that you'll know if you like them or not within the first few seconds of "Spun". That is to say, they are not a complicated band- they don't hide anything up their sleeves until the end of the album, or take you on a meaningful and existential journey during its course. They are a balls-to-the-wall, old-school 80s-style Rock 'n' Roll band that takes pleasure in every note they play.

The most obvious and easiest comparison to draw is to AC/DC or AIRBOURNE, as what you are presented with here is of a similar philosophy to those bands. The lyrics aren't particularly complex or poetic; they mean exactly what they sound like they do, and they're mostly there to give the vocals shape. They're full of testosterone and all the other staples of old-school Rock, and the vocals themselves sound just like something from thirty years ago- and that's meant as a compliment. All the musicians here are experienced and have grown up listening to this stuff, so they've got enough inspiration to draw from.

The guitars are impressive in their own right, although since they're played in such a similar style to many other bands, it's easy to overlook the skill and become immersed in the general sound. The majority of songs have a good solo or two in them, while standout tracks include "Set Me Free", with its varied and interesting sound and soaring chorus, and "Evil", which manages to be reminiscent of IRON MAIDEN with its duelling guitars and stampeding chorus.

The whole album is underpinned with a strong bass, which shines through more potently than some other bands' does. However, it does little to save what is arguably the weakest track of the release, "Sin City Sister", which leans on fairly repetitive lyrics and little variety in its guitars.

The final track "There Ain't Nothin' in the World Like a Rockin' Band" is another story. The guitars are initially acoustic, bringing a raw edge to a song that then turns into a shining example of Rock 'n' Roll- with a catchy chorus and some great riffs. It's a brilliant way to end such a decent album, and makes it clear that the band won't be changing their tune anytime soon: it's just too damn good.

8 / 10


"Fourplay" Track-listing:

1. Spun
2. Sin City Sister
3. Holly Would
4. Set Me Free
5. Tonight
6. It's a Fine Line Between Love and Lust
7. Evil
8. I Don't Wanna Cry
9. Love Is Like a Drug To Me
10. Raise 'Em High
11. Hole In My Head
12. There Ain't Nothin' in the World Like a Rockin' Band

Talon Lineup:

Michael O'Mara - Lead Vocalist
Kory Voxen - Guitars
Jim Kee - Lead Guitar
Phil Keller - Bass Guitar
Eric Ragno - Keyboards
John Parker - Drums

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