Tall Stories

TALL STORIES: the beginning of Steve Augeri's walk in the Melodic Rock/US Rock lane. When […]
By Grigoris Chronis
February 13, 2009
Tall Stories - Skyscraper album cover

TALL STORIES: the beginning of Steve Augeri's walk in the Melodic Rock/US Rock lane. When the US band delivered its debut album in 1991(?) it was a change of seasons start occurring in the music world. Augeri later on went to sing for TYKETTO (Shine - 1995) prior to his zenith change joining the multi-platinum Rock clan of JOURNEY.
Being a member of JOURNEY for 8 years (1998-2006), Steve made the fans' wish for Steve Perry back on the map deteriorating for some time; he truly did well as a singer/frontman I think (copying Perry's everything is another story, of course). Anyway, the 'let go' (or 'make go') happening build up a certain wonder on what Steve would now do in defense on his built repute. Was it an on-purpose move or things just ended up like this, it was a matter of time to see TALL STORIES letting new(?) stuff loose after a certain murmur was spread in the Net earlier. Even if a preceding Press release exaggerates on Augeri's presence (...this should be the last reason to bring Tall Stories back to memory...) truth is the perfect fan shall focus to the songs themselves.
Unfinished business: maybe. But, Skyscraper is somehow away from the 1991 album. Being Bluesy, American, with Southern Rock elements and a 'once vintage' aura around (not in the sound) it is a matter of taste to eventually accept or reject this effort. If first introduced to TALL STORIES' presence via Augeri's JOURNEY years, this doesn't mean you should expect a songlist of relevant style. No, TALL STORIES have less than 25% in common I consider; better think of bands like THE BLACK CROWES or LED ZEPPELIN or Britain's THUNDER. There's diversity throughout the album, not to forget, while the performance is skilled and there's surely groove at your disposal. Funny thing is, though, I would not remember a single song after (each time) the album was over.
You loved the TALL STORIES debut? You may like this one, you may not (you'll appreciate Steve's vocal performance, in any way). Not interested in the 1991 CD? Expect a more limited possibility to dig this down-tuned American Rock release.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Skyscraper" Track-listing:

Original Sin
All Of The World
Pictures Of Summer
River Rise
No Justice
Eternal Light
You Shall Be Free

Tall Stories Lineup:

Steve Augeri - Vocals
Jack Morer - Guitars
Kevin Totoian - Bass, Harmonica, Vocals
Tom DeFaria - Drums, Percussion

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