From the land down under, comes Progressive Metal band TALIESIN. "Faceless" is a concept album […]
Taliesin - Faceless album cover

From the land down under, comes Progressive Metal band TALIESIN. "Faceless" is a concept album about a serial killer with the condition known as Prosopagnosia (face blindness) who believes that his condition is the reason for why he is how he is. The character first appears on the final song "Simple" on "The Tally of Lies and Sin." The album contains ten tracks.

"Taliesin - Awakened by Darkness" opens the album. The intro is fairly heavy but then it backs off with vocal harmonies in the verses. Howe's vocals are soothing and warm, as are the dark melodies that come with it. "Climbing" begins with some more melodies in the guitars, and a mid-tempo riff that features some catchy elements. I don't hear a lot of Progressive elements, but those sweet melodies are enough to keep me interested. "Faceless Women" opens with some dual guitar harmonies that lead to another mid-tempo pace. This song is a bit darker than  the others so far but the band needs to pull it out of that same pacing.

"The Wilderness" features a heavier sound with that same mid-tempo pace. Although the band are adept at harmonies, they have got to move away from the pacing. It is keeping the album stuck in the muck. "Reflection" opens with very charming melodies. This softer and more emotional song makes an immediate impact on the listener. The melodies are absolutely divine.
"Not Coming Home" is a heavier rocker but again that mid-tempo pace really weighs the album down. Melodies shine here but the riffs need work. "My Sleeping Prize" begins with wide open melodies and some more energy transference. But again, and I hate to keep saying this, but it's another song with exactly the same pace.

"Turbulence" opens with a darker sound, with Howe's rich vocals. This more emotional song does fairly well with melody, with its bluesy edge, but here we go again. You guessed it. The same pace kills it. "Truth of the Hunter" is perhaps the best indicator of the album's woes. The slowed down pace exposes the elementary riffs and leaves them hanging. The strong vocal performance disappears in front of your eyes. "Widower's Daughter" closes the album. It's a seven-minute affair with the same dreadful pacing. The lead guitar in the opening is so bluesy and catchy, as are the vocal harmonies. But ugh, again, the song does not have a chance.

This album was frustrating. The band has talent, as is evidenced by their skilled development of melodies and harmonies. But the album suffers from the same mid-tempo pace throughout, keeping it from getting off the ground. The positives? The singer has a soulful and smooth, velvety voice that is both warm and inviting. The other musicians are also solid, although the riffs need some updating. Overall, the same pacing over and over absolutely killed the album, which is a shame.

5 / 10









"Faceless" Track-listing:

1. Taliesin - Awakened by Darkness
2. Climbing
3. Faceless Women
4. The Wilderness
5. Reflection
6. Not Coming Home
7. My Sleeping Prize
8. Turbulence
9. Truth of the Hunter
10. Widower's Daughter

Taliesin Lineup:

Dave Howe - Vocals
Richard Moseley - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Reuben Durham - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Chris Turk - Bass, Vocals
Wayne Bateup - Drums

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