Stuffing the Graveyard

Tales of Blood

In a world overrun and plagued by generic Death Metal bands that merely stitch together […]
By Jack Harding
September 9, 2019
Tales of Blood - Stuffing the Graveyard album cover

In a world overrun and plagued by generic Death Metal bands that merely stitch together soulless riffs, it is wonderful to find a band like TALES OF BLOOD. Much like most generic Death Metal bands, the list of genre cliches is definitely adhered to. The difference however, is the sheer songwriting talent on display here. Simple, no-nonsense riffing organized and arranged spectacularly. This record certainly does not innovate, but it separates itself from the homogeneous mass most generic Death Metal has become, with stellar execution.

Clearly born from a collection of CANNIBAL CORPSE records and a real passion for music, it is clear that this record is a product of love. Emanating forth from a Doom-like haze, opening track "Dissect And Murder" is a clear statement of intent. Frantic, pounding verses grip tightly and launch you violently into a maelstrom of rhythmic chaos. Lead upon a wild journey before finally triumphing at the peak, finishing the frantic expedition back where we began. This song is a perfect example of songwriting. We have the initial idea, it is explored, raised to a fever pitch and then we are treated with a resolve. It is great songwriting like this that elevates average riffing to higher plains.

Whilst I dare describe the vast majority of riffs on this album as average, thankfully there are some exceptions. The likes of "You Die Next," "Vacant Slaughter Job," and "Getting Dead" literally had me sitting back in my chair, astounded by the enormousness of the grooves TALES OF BLOOD have managed to forge. Moments like these escalate them high above the vast majority of acts, but unfortunately this album is rather inconsistent. Songs like "Pregnant And Cut To Pieces" and "Mortuary Breath" aren't bad by any stretch of the imagination, they just lack any innovation or properly meaty riffs that a listener can cling to. However, this might not always be the fault of the writing, as the production on this record is also inconsistent. On some tracks, guitars are impossible to hear, meaning possibly great riffs pass by unheard and unappreciated. The final inconsistency falls squarely upon the final track on this record "Aux Chiottes" which features random French voices before a toilet flushes. After a serious and very effective record, ending on a failed attempt at humor leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Nothing in the previous 40 minutes of old school Death Metal links to this jarring shift in tone, and it only harms the final product. There is some real brilliance here, but this level of quality is far too inconsistent. Unsurprisingly, this is TALES OF BLOOD's first full length record and it shows, but this stage in the learning process will make for one hell of a brilliant sophomore record.


7 / 10









"Stuffing the Graveyard" Track-listing:

1. Dissect And Murder
2. You Die Next
3. Vacant Slaughter Job
4. Stuffing Streaming
5. Post Mortem Barbarity
6. Sadistic Force Feeding
7. Severe Bend To Kill
9. Getting Dead
10. Pregnant And Cut To Pieces
11. Mortuary Breath
12. Aux Chiottes

Tales of Blood Lineup:

Sam - Vocals
Nyv - Guitars
Jerome - Drums
Remi - Bass Guitar
Jean-Michel - Guitars

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