Savior Of All

Take No Notice

TAKE NO NOTICE, from Israel, have released this 5 song EP, "Savior Of All". Surprisingly, […]
By Rebecca Miller
August 12, 2013
Take No Notice - Savior Of All album cover

TAKE NO NOTICE, from Israel, have released this 5 song EP, "Savior Of All". Surprisingly, they're still unsigned despite being active since 2005, but if this showing is anything to go by, hopefully it won't be too long before they get snapped up by a record label.

They identify as melodic Death Metal, and indeed there are times when I was reminded of AMON AMARTH whilst I was listening to this EP. Even when they used clean vocals, it was still rather good, still staying true to the genre. I get the feeling from these songs that a lot of effort and time was put into them, and the guys in the band show just how much they want this to do well. Despite "Savior Of All" only being 5 songs and twenty minutes long, I think TAKE NO NOTICE are really showing what they can do, and there's no reason as to why they couldn't sign with a label. So while they don't do anything spectacular, or bring anything new to the table, it's still a very solid EP.

Musically, it's all you'd expect from a melodic Death release. The vocals are brutal and growling, the guitars are heavy, and the drums power their way through the songs. For an unsigned band, the production values are pretty high, it sounds clear and crisp, and isn't just a muddy mess of noise. They're obviously a talented group of musicians, and it shows in the quality of this EP - the execution of the songs, and the way all the instruments fit together. To be honest, I think the biggest criticism I can give "Savior Of All" is the fact that it's an EP, as I would have like to have heard more from the sessions that produced these songs.

As I've said before, it "Savior Of All" doesn't do anything groundbreaking or remarkable, but I think it does enough to make people listen up and take notice of this band. It's a shame that they haven't been signed yet because they're already good without a label, but it would help get them the recognition they deserve.

7 / 10


"Savior Of All" Track-listing:

1. Kill Thee Now
2. Resurrection Engaged
3. One Breath's Massacre
4. Mortality Brutality
5. Dear Secret Keeper

Take No Notice Lineup:

Raziel - Bass/Vocals
Jimbo Guitarman - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Avihu Marco - Rhythm Guitar
Tomer Talias - Drums

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