Art-wise, this album needs lots of a debate to count on terms like quality, expressionism, […]
By Grigoris Chronis
December 1, 2008
T-Ride - T-Ride album cover

Art-wise, this album needs lots of a debate to count on terms like quality, expressionism, venture, consciousness and sovereignty. Well, for the sake of a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock webzine things are way more easy in determination. Thankfully.
Had never heard of this name: T-RIDE's base was California, USA and they released their one and only album in 1992 via Hollywood Records. The members of this band seem to be rather credited artists, with guitarist Jeff Tyson being a Joe Satriani student and Eric Valentine destined to enjoy a rich producing career with QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, Joe Satriani, THIRD EYE BLIND and John Fogerty among others. Still, Dan Arlie was the one writing the songs for T-RIDE, proposing a uniqe mix of...
...moody Hard Rock, spooky Pop/Electro and Cinema music. With lots of keyboard samples, digital drum sounds and some Eddie Van Halen-ish exciting work in the guitars field, truth is you'll mumble to the hearing of the album for the first time. If you take the time - and have the guts - to listen to T-Ride again and again you may find yourself tangled in some 'movie plot' multi-vocal web you'd not 100% desire escaping. Various sounds, an appealing sequence in programming/synchronization and the likes of QUEEN, Prince, DEF LEPPARD, Joe Satriani, KINGDOM COME and (surely) a dozen of movie soundtracks I know nothing about.
Achtung: only for hardrockers with an 'open up wide' music taste.

"T-Ride" Track-listing:

Zombies From Hell
Backdoor Romeo
You And Your Friend
I Hunger
Luxury Cruiser
Hit Squad
Bad Girls And Angels
Bone Down
Fire It Up
Heroes And Villains

T-Ride Lineup:

Jeff Tyson - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dan Arlie - Bass, Vocals
Eric Valentine - Drums, Backing Vocals

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