Szary Wilk

Formed in Poland in 2018, SZARY WILK is a Black Metal band that presents their […]
February 7, 2021
Szary Wilk - Wrath album cover

Formed in Poland in 2018, SZARY WILK is a Black Metal band that presents their debut album here, to be released later in February, 2021. "Mortal" opens the album. It begins with cold winds howling, and depressing acoustical guitars. The winds pick up, chilling you to the bone as you continue your journey north into the endless forest. Soft vocals sound like the rumblings of a beast, hidden in the ridge just out of sight. Guitars come in and there is a scream. A slow rhythm develops, with vile vocal shrieks. Some subdued melodies develop in the lead guitar notes.

"Behind the Curtain of Death" begins with a similar sound. This time, the vocals are more hushed, but that depressing river of Black Metal flows throughout the song. "Mortuos Voco" again has a similar sound. The band should consider diversifying their sound a bit. It could go a long way. The vocals have an echo to them...it's like they are coming out of the ashes of a burned-out church deep in the mountains. At one point the vocals are harmonized. "Wilczy Taniec" opens with a guitar riff that branches out a bit, and double time on the drumming. It then settles into a slower rhythm, with low spoken vocals. Despondent tones abound. There are some light phasing issues at times where the drummer loses track of the meter.

"Wrath" closes the album. It opens with a terrifying scream, followed by droning guitars and a galloping pace. The riffing is harrowing but fairly basic on this song. There are some strong, powerful moments in the song, as well as some varied vocals. A female speaks in Latin, perhaps? A five-track debut album here was pretty ordinary. There was a bit of diversity here and there, but I just wish they would expand on it somewhat. The album has potential but was just mediocre for me. Perhaps if they concentrate their efforts into newer territory for the next release, they could be on to something.

5 / 10









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"Wrath" Track-listing:

1. Mortal
2. Behind the Curtain of Death
3. Mortuos Voco
4. Wilczy Taniec
5. Wrath

Szary Wilk Lineup:

Reaper - Drums
Piastyr - Guitars, Bass
Czuły - Vocals

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