SYLVAN a four man group hailing from Hamburg, Germany, releasing there ninth album; what I […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
May 17, 2015
Sylvan - Home album cover

SYLVAN a four man group hailing from Hamburg, Germany, releasing there ninth album; what I call veteran in the art of making music. How I never heard about them, I'll never know, but the answer is probably that I'm not a big fan of Progressive Metal or Progressive Rock the style that SYLVAN are dribbling in and out from. Either way, SYLVAN's new album is titled "Home"; as I wrote a few lines before, I never heard anything from SYLVAN before, so I will write the review without prejudice.

SYLVAN's new album comes packed with thirteen tracks, starting with the track "Not Far from the Sky". It begins with some electronic keyboard that changes into piano playing, that strum on your emotions, however the moment Marco Glühmann on vocals starts to sing, I understood that SYLVAN' new piece of work isn't going to be an ordinary album. Marco Glühmann has a great vocal passion that he uses smartly to keep the track in the light classic side, other them letting it explode to places it should go; the use of keyboard in the song just elevates it to a new level.

Next track "Shaped out of Clouds" keeps the same style of Not Far from the Sky, however this time SYLVAN use acoustic guitar and electric guitar that, alongside Marco Glühmann's clear vocals makes this track a classic track, however don't let the first three minutes fool you , the track fast become to a fuel blown Prog Metal extravaganza with some great riffing and a more explosive vocals from Marco, in addition I rarely say that however try to listen to the lyrics, I think all will relate.

Going on "With the Eyes of a Child" and "Black and White", keeps the mellow piano and vocals style, I like more "With the Eyes of a Child" that I had to listen to it a few times to better grasp the song meaning.

All songs try to stay in the same path, or a full blown ballad song mainly with piano as the leading factor, or go heavier with the use of distorted guitar and tough drumming.

If I need to choose either one I will say that the mixing in the album is what makes it a great album, best tracks for me are "Point of No Return" which shows that SYLVAN can also do Heavy Metal with attitude and "Home" that goes to opposite way to the calmer style but yet again Marco Glühmann vocal style realty keep the song on the sad side.

Overall not the Prog Metal I was expecting however something out my main path and in a good way, what somebody told me once is to try to venture out of the path; you may find something amazing, sometime the things you find will not be for your liking and in some time it will grow on you, like right now.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Home" Track-listing:

1. Not Far from the Sky
2. Shaped out of Clouds
3. In Between
4. With the Eyes of a Child
5. Black and White
6. The Sound of Her World
7. Sleep Tight
8. Off Her Hands
9. Shine
10. Point of No Return
11. All These Years
12. Home
13. Shine (Single Version)

Sylvan Lineup:

Marco Glühmann - Vocals
Matthias Harder - Drums
Sebastian Harnack - Bass
Volker Söhl - Keyboards

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