Conclusion Of An Age


Like Ferret was not enough for me, now I have Nuclear Blast signing Myspace bands. […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 29, 2008
Sylosis - Conclusion Of An Age album cover

Like Ferret was not enough for me, now I have Nuclear Blast signing Myspace bands. And who  thought of the term 'melodic Thrash Metal' to describe this band's sound? O tempora o mores! Yeah, this phrase is stolen from another editor but it fits this occasion like a glove.

The band has already two EP's out, both released through In At The Deep End Records. Whoever knows this label has probably started having some suspicions of what we have here. As it seems, it was time for the band's debut full-length album and Nuclear Blast was the label to sign them for this release.

As I said above, I still can't understand why some people think that SYLOSIS is a melodic Thrash Metal band. The UK metallers are a classic average Metalcore band that just as every Metalcore band has some elements that are more obvious, this band tends to the Thrash genre, but still remains a Metalcore band. Except if you consider a band with the classic harsh vocals and beatdown moments a Thrash band.

And by the way, the production kicks ass! The only thing I respect Metalcore about... But you probably already know that I am not a big fan of melodic leads, Hardcore touches and NWOSDM style riffing. After all that's what Metalcore is about and that's why only people who are up to 20-21 years old will buy this album.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Conclusion Of An Age" Track-listing:

Desolate Seas
After Lifeless Years
Blackest Skyline
Reflections Through Fire
Conclusion Of An Age
Swallow The World
Last Remaining Light
Stained Humanity
Oath Of Silence

Sylosis Lineup:

Jamie - Vocals
Josh - Guitar
Bailey - Guitar
Carl - Bass
Rob - Drums

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