Alive At Night

Switchblade Serenade

SWITCHBLADE SERENADE is a Hard Rock / Glam Metal band from New Haven, Connecticut, USA […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
January 20, 2014
Switchblade Serenade - Alive At Night album cover

SWITCHBLADE SERENADE is a Hard Rock / Glam Metal band from New Haven, Connecticut, USA formed in 2011. The band lately released their debut full length entitled "Alive At Night" consisting of 9 heavy, melodic and catchy songs, biting the past in the ass.

The opener, title track, "Alive At Night", has within a fresh, youthful power sanctioned by hefty riffing, a Glam reek cracking with great leads, catchy chorus with a backing vocal shadow, a big potential hit. The album's single "Who Are You?" remained with me for quite a while, serving fine melodies and an ultra-memorable peak moment of the chorus. "On The Run" is a quick return to the 80's, sleazy and dirty with a great Rockin' vibe led by an impressive rhythmic section. "Full Throttle" pounds mercilessly, brilliant guitar craft and an overall kick ass feel. "Drive Me Insane" will have your heart speeding crazy, an energetic blood pumper with catchy riffs and a slaughtering solo menace. Worth to mention also are: "Mouthful Of Dirt" attached to a sleaze crooked vibe, "Axe To Grind" explodes with Rock N' Roll mania, "Perfect Sin" kills with Thrashed up echoes in a fast pace while "The Ritual" embraces an old MOTLEY CRUE thingy.

I really enjoyed listening to SWITCHBLADE SERENADE. The album is well-worked, high level of playing with tons of passion. They are young with an attitude, and their music proves that. Catchy melodic chorus will blow your mind, thus the repeat button is for a good use. Take it on Glamsters and Hard Rock fans.

8 / 10


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"Alive At Night" Track-listing:

1. Alive At Night
2. Who Are You?
3. Mouthful Of Dirt
4. On The Run
5. Perfect Sin
6. Drive Me Insane
7. Axe To Grind
8. Full Throttle
9. The Ritual

Switchblade Serenade Lineup:

Austin Jaser - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Luke Barone - Drums/Vocals
Ed Mandevil - Bass/Vocals

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