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Sweeping Death

SWEEPING DEATH was founded 2012 under the name "Order of Priority" by vocalist Elias Witzigmann […]
October 30, 2018
Sweeping Death - In Lucid album cover

SWEEPING DEATH was founded 2012 under the name "Order of Priority" by vocalist Elias Witzigmann and guitarist Simon Bertl. In the beginning there was the passion to play hard music together and so the band started out as a cover band. Soon the will to create own material was getting stronger but not all band members at that time shared this same interest. With a few line-up changes, the band was complete. The mid of 2016 can be seen as the actual start of SWEEPING DEATH. The name was changed and in august 2016 the band started recording their first EP "Astoria" including six own songs.

For their first output the band was able to get a lot of reviews and a solid reputation in the German underground metal scene. The German Metal Hammer elected them "Heroes of tomorrow" in their April 2017 issue and the guitar magazine rated their EP: "this album is nothing less than an unbelievable strong release!" SWEEPING DEATH released two music videos so far and two new music videos for the upcoming album are already planned. "In Lucid" is the band's third release, and contains nine tracks.

"Eulogue" leads off the album. It's a short piano instrumental, done with gravity and somber but elegant tones, leading to "Blues Funeral." The music is fairly simple but done with an energy I haven't heard in a while. It has an early FATES WARNING feeling to it, but the semi-harsh vocals add another element to the music. They pour it on in the chorus, leaving the somber tones behind. "Horror Infernal" is a shorter piece but still with that harrowing hastiness you can hear in the previous track. The harsh vocals sound like something from SYMPHONY X, with fanciful guitar work.

"Suicide of a Chiromantist" is a ten-minute opus that opens with running lead guitar work, and a slow, grinding chorus. The guitars spring up from all over the place, complete with some bone-chilling high vocals. About two-thirds of the way in, it pauses a bit, with lovely piano and tender vocals, followed by a splendid guitar solo done in Classical scales.

"Purpose" is a short and wonderful piano piece, really showcasing the talents of Tobias Kasper. It's somber but pretty, in the sense of watching a beautiful flower slowly wilt at the hand of a cold fall breeze. "Resonanz" is a mid-tempo song, featuring some fanciful guitar work and emotional vocals. In some ways, it reminds me of QUEENSRYCHE, with that darker and more serious side to it. "Antitecture" is another mid-tempo song that relies on somber tones and short, choppy riffs. It creates this texture of darkness that seems to permeate throughout the song, keeping things mysterious. "Lucid Sin" is the near-eight minute title track. It opens with acoustical guitar and organs, playing nicely together, before a sinister riff rolls in with a vocal scream. Just before the half-way mark, and extended instrumental section burns with classical overtones. The skill shown here in these passages is impressive.

"Stratus" closed the album. It has an easy listening riff with some vocal laments, bringing in some vocal harmonies around the half-way point. It builds with a crescendo towards the end, with more classical scale progressions, and then it fades out. This album as a whole was a bit perplexing to me. The musicianship was excellent-this is most definitely not a band short on talent. The compositions are tightly structured and there is a tinge of classical arrangements. What perhaps the album lacks is a clear vision. The songs, in and of themselves, are interesting enough and done with an obvious passion. But I had trouble figuring out where the album was going. If you like Old School Prog done with a lot of energy, I have no doubt you will like this album.

7 / 10









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"In Lucid" Track-listing:

1. Eulogue
2. Blues Funeral
3. Horror Infernal
4. Suicide of a Chiromantist
5. Purpose
6. Resonanz
7. Antitecture
8. Lucid Sin
9. Stratus

Sweeping Death Lineup:

Elias Witzigmann - Lead Vocals
Simon Bertl - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Markus Heilmeier - Guitar
Tobias Kasper - Drums, Piano
Andreas Bertl - Bass

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