Tom Tom Bullet


Sweatmaster are from Turku, Finland and if you are into bands in the likes of […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
November 14, 2005
Sweatmaster - Tom Tom Bullet album cover

Sweatmaster are from Turku, Finland and if you are into bands in the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age it is definitely worthwhile checking out these guys! In this album there is always space for a semi insanity situation. Once again Jurgen Hendlemeier (The Flaming Sideburns, Baby Woodrose, Thee Ultra Bimboos etc.) has mixed the entire album and the result is even stronger than the debut.
There is a cool rocking attitude here and this CD flows really easily. You could describe the whole atmosphere here as a mixture of Pop Rock music combining elements from various musical time periods. You do not have to be a new Rock sound lover to fall in love with this album. Their simple approach in songwriting their sheer energy and their kind of old school Rock 'n' Roll attitude - where you can find some Rolling Stones / AC/DC, The White Stripes elements - as well as Punk Rock infused parts. The artistic similarity with Queens Of The Stone Age can be supported here, even though these guys have a more simplified approach.
Sweatmaster seem have really had a fine time recording Tom Tom Bullet since their music is very soulful, groovy and delivers an optimistic message in general. The production is thoroughly clean and the final result in the sound is really bright and almost outstanding.
The CD version includes the award winning video for Song With No Words, made by Kalle Kotila and Malakias Tomi. Malakias, my friend, it would not be such a good idea to introduce yourself to any rude Greek bastard who has lack of knowledge of the beautiful and soulful Finish language! On the whole the younger music lovers will have a great time with Sweatmeaster while the older ones may need more time to devour their sonic message.
- Album Highlights: Maggots, Last Request, Dirty Rabbit, Evolution Never Came This Way and of course Song With No Words.

7 / 10


"Tom Tom Bullet" Track-listing:

Last Request
Good Looks, Big Deal
Dirty Rabbit
Alpha Male
Evolution Never Came This Way
The Kid
Song With No Words
Kick This Town
Dirty Little Things
No Accident
North East Again

Sweatmaster Lineup:


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