Sweat Lodge

Texas has always been a hotbed for sweaty, fuzzy Psych Rock. So many heavier rock […]
By Nick Webb
September 27, 2015
Sweat Lodge - Talismana album cover

Texas has always been a hotbed for sweaty, fuzzy Psych Rock. So many heavier rock subgenres, as well as boogie blues groups, have come from that state so it's no surprise that there are still many acts emerging there.

SWEAT LODGE blend classic Hard Rock with Psychedelic Elements, which creates a groovy, noisy style and have, in "Talismana", have recorded an album that could have come straight out of the 70s. They definitely fall into this "retrogressive" subgenre of rock acts, which have been emerging recently. That in itself is the biggest problem I have with SWEAT LODGE. While there is nothing wrong with the music, I enjoy it, many of the tracks are very BLACK SABBATH-esque- "Phoenix Ascent" being a good example; but there isn't much to make these guys stand out from the crowd.

This rapid influx of bands, all doing the same kind of thing, really means that the originality and freshness of a group's sound is really watered down and put in with a mix of groups that all sound roughly the same.

SWEAT LODGE stands out by having a slightly heavier edge, which is coupled with some very tight stop and start riff passages, as well as very melodic vocals. "Bed of Ashes" shows off some of the more acid-laced peaks and troughs that their music goes through, along with a tasty, albeit brief, guitar solo, adding to the range and mood of the track.

The entire album is very reminiscent of early BLACK SABBATH, which, depending on your point of view could be a good or bad thing, with a slightly larger psychedelic influence (lines about riding astral-blades have been around since the MOODY BLUES).

Overall, "Talismana" is a strong album, but with so many groups looking to cash in on a trend of backward-looking musical styles, SWEAT LODGE is liable to get lost in the crowd.<

7 / 10


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"Talismana" Track-listing:

1. Tramplifier
2. Bed of Ashes
3. Slow Burn
4. Phoenix Ascent
5. Talismana
6. Black Horizon
7. Boogie Bride
8. Heavy Head
9. Banshee Call

Sweat Lodge Lineup:

Austin - Bass
Bones - Guitar
Caleb - Drums
Cody - Vocals

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