Fans of traditional melodeath will love "Awakening", and SWANSONG have the potential to become a serious force in the crowded melodic Death Metal market
December 31, 2023

SWANSONG were formed in 2019 and they are from Kuopio, Finland. The melodic Death Metal outfit release their debut full-length album after last year’s EP “Winter Maiden”. The album has a length of about 51 minutes. “Awakening” was released via German label Noble Demon, which has many Black and Death Metal bands among their current roster.

Awakening” has a strong start with powerful guitar riffing, aggression, and plenty of double-bass drumming. The growling vocals are very versatile and vary between the medium to higher end of the guttural range with some deeper growls included. “Burning Flames” is a classical melodeath mid-tempo track within the typical melodic framework, where the lead guitars drive and the vocals follow the melodies. The tempo gets faster during the break for the lead guitar solo. The melodies are catchy, and it is no surprise, that “Burning Flames” was released as video with the YouTube link provided below. “Become” keeps going with melodeath sound and an extended guitar intro at mid-tempo. The verse parts are crushing with thunderous riffing and aggressive and powerful growling vocals. The extended break is very prominent with a cool and contributing lead guitar solo. The lead guitar contributions are the leading element of the track, in particular during the chorus parts. “Furiosa” continues with the rhythm and the sound. The main riffing of the track is catchy, but the overwhelming driving force of “Furiosa” are the growls of Jemiina, who stamps her authority on the track with her versatility and she uses the opportunity to shine. Her performance is the highlight of the song.

Shot In The Heart” has a fast and dynamic start leading into a measured tempo for the verse parts with very aggressive deeper growls. The chorus parts are back at mid-tempo. Altogether, there are many twists in tempo and rhythm as the track has more complex textures. However, it still leaves room for catchiness in the melodies and highlight is the lead guitar solo. “Frost Of Winter” starts with a short guitar intro providing the main melody of the track. It is a song at a measured tempo at a head-banging rhythm and with an epic melodic framework. The melodies are not groundbreaking new, in fact they have some IRON MAIDEN vibes, however, SWANSONG make an awesome track out of it. For me, “Frost Of Winter” is one of the best album tracks. “Maiden Of Death” goes back to mid-tempo but maintains the epic melodies. The riffing and the lead guitar contributions drive the track forward and the main riff has enough catchiness that it sticks in your head. “One With The Waves” sounds a bit rawer compared to the previous songs and the verse parts are very powerful in the riffing and aggressive with the growls. It is another song where I am very impressed with the wide range of the growling vocals. The chorus parts are again the classical melodeath choruses, but altogether “One With The Waves” provides a bit of a much-needed change in sound.

The title track starts with the main riff introducing the main melody. The verse part is played at a measured tempo with thunderous riffing at a head-banging rhythm. The verse parts slowly building up to a bridge leading to the mid-tempo chorus parts. There is a lot of double-bass drumming included to the bridge and the chorus parts. The lead guitar solo is short but very contributing. “Blood Widow” is a track with spine-chilling melodies and a lot of aggression in the growls and screams. Verse and chorus parts lack all the catchiness of most album tracks and that is a good thing. The melodies are orientally inspired including the lead guitar solo. “Blood Widow” is surely another album highlight. “Fight Or Die” is a mid-tempo track with relatively simple and direct riffing during the verse and chorus parts. It is a track that is slightly different during most parts, however, a bit of playfulness in the riffing is added now and then. The album finishes with “Fury Of The Witch” and the track starts with powerful riffing and a lot of double-bass during the verse parts at mid-tempo. There are a few subtle tempo and rhythm changes between verse and chorus parts, where the chorus parts are driven by epic melodies at a measured tempo. The lead guitar solo is surprisingly very direct and a bit different from the chorus sound, however, it gives the track an additional layer. “Fury Of The Witch” is a good way to end the album.

SWANSONG deliver a very good debut album. “Awakening” is a classical melodic Death Metal album with all the ingredients that make this genre so popular: the melodies, the catchiness, the epic choruses, the cool lead guitar solos, and on top of it an excellent vocalist who keeps the sound together. In fact, vocalist Jemiina gives the album an extra dimension with her versatility. The album sound is nothing new, SWANSONG do stick to the well-tried melodeath concepts and rely on the vocals to create their very own album sound. The album is well produced. “Awakening” fits very well into the popular melodic Death Metal framework of the last 15 years or so. Fans of traditional melodeath will love the album, and SWANSONG have the potential to become a serious force in the crowded melodic Death Metal market.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Awakening" Track-listing:
  1. Burning Flames
  2. Become
  3. Furiosa
  4. Shot In The Heart
  5. Frost Of Winter
  6. Maiden Of Death
  7. One With The Waves
  8. Awakening
  9. Blood Widow
  10. Fight Or Die
  11. Fury Of The Witch
Swansong Lineup:

Jemiina Vocals

Topi Pitkänen – Guitars

Tuomas Leskinen –Guitars

Jimy Myöhänen Drums

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