The Heavy Seed

Swan Valley Heights

Coming out of Germany is SWAN VALLEY HEIGHTS and their album "The Heavy Seed". Deemed […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
August 7, 2019
Swan Valley Heights - The Heavy Seed album cover

Coming out of Germany is SWAN VALLEY HEIGHTS and their album "The Heavy Seed". Deemed what some are calling Space Grunge and Fuzzy Psych, they will definitely fulfill your Stoner Rock needs. The band is made up of David Kreisl on Guitars and Vocals, Andy Aquarius on Drums and Keys and finally Chris Schmidt on Bass. The album only has five songs so you already know they're going to be pretty damn long.

The album begins with the track "The Heavy Seed" which is a staggering thirteen minutes long. Honestly it starts off pretty slow but around the four-minute mark it gets pretty heavy. The majority of the album is an instrumental until around the last half of the song. The vocals are pretty damn good if you ask me. I'm not used to the longest song on the album being the first track either. All in all, the song was really good and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

"Vaporizer Woman" is honestly one of the most beautifully written songs I have had the pleasure to review in my time with Metal Temple. The musicianship is absolutely outstanding. The vocals don't even start until damn near the end of the song but they add quite a bit to the song. I thoroughly enjoyed this song from the beginning.

"Take A Swim In God's Washing Machine" is probably one of the oddest song titles I have ever seen in my life. But the song itself is amazing. It's definitely harder than the previous songs at the beginning. It quickly turns into a very atmospheric song. It kind of makes me want to spark up a joint and sit in my room with the lights out and just listen to it on repeat. His song is quite brilliant.

"My First Knife Fight" is the shortest song on the album sitting at just over three minutes long. It's by far the most psychedelic song so far as well. I think one of the best parts of it is the bass line throughout the entire song. It was a very fun listen.

The final song "Teeth & Waves" sits at just over ten and a half minutes long. The beginning of the song is really trippy and very atmospheric. It starts breaking in at around two minutes into the song. This may be my favorite on the whole album.

I honestly really enjoyed the whole album and think people who like bands like LED ZEPPELIN would really enjoy these guys.

10 / 10









"The Heavy Seed" Track-listing:

1. The Heavy Seed
2. Vaporizer Woman
3. Take A Swim In God's Washing Machine
4. My First Knife Fight
5. Teeth & Waves

Swan Valley Heights Lineup:

David Kreisl - Guitar / Vocals
Andy Aquarius - Drums / Keyboards
Chris Schmidt - Bass

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