SVARTGHAST is a Swedish Symphonic Black Metal from the cities of Sundsvall and Timrå. They […]
By Caio Botrel
February 16, 2021
Svartghast - Perdition album cover

SVARTGHAST is a Swedish Symphonic Black Metal from the cities of Sundsvall and Timrå. They have released their first single "Luciferian Dawn" and their first full-length "Perdition" in 2020, and that is what we are going to talk about.

"Perdition" is the opening track from the album and also the one that gave its name to the release. It starts with a very beautiful and melodic piano and orchestra session, that creates an epic dark ambiance that prepares you for the storm that is about to come. The guitar riffs are tasty and very well executed. The vocals are traditional Black Metal vocals and the song is pretty good.

"Into The Void" starts fast, cold, and dark. The work between guitars, bass and drums with orchestra is good! What a good song to listen. They have also used different vocal tones here, sounding actually more evil. "Beyond The Veil Of Mist" is an epic song with 7m37 lengths that will torn your soul apart. It is aggressive from the first to the last chords, and there are a lot of great guitar riffs here.

"The Black Wraith Ascends" is an intro that could easily be in a horror movie. I can imagine how awesome it should be for them to start their shows with that song. "On Dark Wings They Soar" starts very sweet, soft, and melodic. It has beautiful orchestration and what seems to be an harp that is soon joined by a piano. I really like the ambiance and dynamic of that song. It is slower, but dark and very catch. Incredible!

"The Presage Of Eternal Fire" starts as a hurricane and destroying everything. The guitar riffs sounds more technical and even reminded me of some Technical Death Metal at some parts. The arrangements of that song are pretty good and there are dynamic in the drums, which is very important when it comes to Black Metal. "The Fall Of The First" is the catch song that will conquer you all. It starts very beautiful with a lot of orchestrations, some female lyrical voices and then the other instruments joins in, creating the perfect and beautiful masterpiece that this song is. You can hear clean male vocals while the piano and orchestra. For the guitarists... well, there's a very inspiring guitar solo. Yes, this is one of the most beautiful Black Metal songs of all time.

"Luciferian Dawn" ends the album with a lot of responsibility. The song variety from fast riffs and drums to slower ones. I like how they used different vocal styles here, it created a whole different ambiance that definitely changed the song for the better.

SVARTGHAST did blow my mind, as they are incredible musicians and songwriters. I loved how they wrote a masterpiece of an album, using a lot of creativity... and I'm not even a Black Metal dude! Give them the prize, as they deserve the very best.

10 / 10









"Perdition" Track-listing:

1. Perdition
2. Into The Void
3. Beyond The Veil Of Mist
4. The Black Wraith Ascends
5. On Dark Wings They Soar
6. The Presage Of Eternal Fire
7. The Fall Of The First
8. Luciferian

Svartghast Lineup:

Choronzon - All Instruments
Azazel - All Instruments

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