Krig I Kunst


Into the veils of battle, the cries of agony in the blood swarmed killing ground, […]
April 29, 2015
Svadilfare - Krig I Kunst album cover

Into the veils of battle, the cries of agony in the blood swarmed killing ground, a wicked kind of war with art wouldn't you say? Is this a war against ourselves, our very existence or might it be to the surroundings that we are so eager to destroy, even if not on purpose but just for the sake of our well-being? Nature is everlasting while we, the humans, upon this earth are mere replacements of others that came before us. Is it possible that a true freedom may come after total chaos? Honestly, I might have over stretched myself there, but it actually made me wonder. The Norwegian Metalhead, Ildsint Svartmunin, evidently has been having these inner perspectives as he charted his project of SVADILFARE, a fiend of atmospheric Black / Viking Metal creation displayed his loathing to society's decay with "Krig I Kunst", via Naturmacht Productions, projecting a new kind of war. As much as Svartmunin's idles can be argued and discussed, his music is at the point of focus.

One man projects, especially with nowadays technological advancements in the department of sound and home studios, the options are endless. However, it may always head sideways, ending up with rawness and what would sound like unfinished studio work. SVADILFARE may be another old BURZUM or the debut of FALKENBACH, sounding uneven, knee deep in the old Norwegian spirit when it comes to Black Metal appreciation of the early second wave. Nevertheless, similar to FALKENBACH, Svartmunin is all about the scenery, the overall aura of the music and how it reflects other than brutally bashing with crazed speeds and corrosive demonic manifestation. "Krig I Kunst" tended to follow misanthropic and depressive means through the music such as the tremolo picking melodies and octaves that ensued a rich atmospheric blend of forlorn frost yet with a glimmer of hope that may rise one day. I sensed such mannerism through "Soga", an epic instrumental piece of pure forest wood crossing. Though turned out to be a bit repetitive, maintaining similar ideas that seem to be everlasting, I found peace in those passages of tuneful melodies and hazy guitaring. In contrast to this soothing nature calling number, "Foedt I Feil Tid" turned up the volume and rage within into detesting evil, mid tempo into the cold of night, I found this to be an obscure blend of bursting emotions through growls and shrieks, harmonious riffery and march into war like atmosphere.

It might be hard to comprehend why I couldn't raise the grade of this one higher than what it is. Frankly, the two tracks that I just told you about may be the album's best and brightest, yet the majority of the release appeared sluggish, drenching in the mud of its own existence, keeps on repeating itself with various version of a limited series of riffs, at times had me feel as if times stopped from passing. I like the ideas of Svartmunin's burning mind, however, both the production, which sounded too raw and the overall material that could have let the notion that it moves somewhere in comparison to the end product, made me realize that this is not the final word of SVADILFARE and there will be more to listen to in the future that will be ounces beyond this here album. Be sure to cross late releases.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Krig I Kunst" Track-listing:

1. Fordoemt Av Den Svake Normal
2. Naar Det Indre Svartner
3. Evig Motstand I Eit Dyrerike
4. Alt Vinden Stryker
5. Foedt I Feil Tid
6. Total Hjernevask
7. All Religion Must Die
8. Den Er Slaktet, Men Ei Foraktet
9. Liket I Svartediket
10. Soga
11. Despair, Depression And Contempt

Svadilfare Lineup:

Ildsint Svartmunin - All Instruments / Vocals

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