No Control

Suzi Quatro

Billy  Sheehan, Tony Franklin, Stuart Ham, Geddy Lee, the list goes on and on for […]
By Mike "Bitchin" Bourgeois
April 24, 2019
Suzi Quatro - No Control album cover

Billy  Sheehan, Tony Franklin, Stuart Ham, Geddy Lee, the list goes on and on for the greatest bassists of all time, but I  think it's a travesty that Suzi Quatro is overlooked almost every time. (Youtube top 10 bassists, she's rarely mentioned.) Her new album No Control just bolsters my case even more. From the opening rocker "No Soul/ No Control" her ability  to catch your attention and get your booty moving is as strong as she's ever been in her 50+ years of rocking hard. In a complete shift of feel the bluesy "Going Home" is the perfect showcase for her wonderful voice that seems to be part chameleon, able to morph into anything needed to make the song right. "Strings" and "Love Isn't Fair" are two completely different songs with the first being almost funky with the latter seemimgly a fusion of Latino/Reggae but both showcase her ability to compose, highlighted by the masterful use of horns.

"Easy Pickings" = Easy Listening. Love the harmonica and the in your face chorus explosion of hard rock after the house of blues opening. The groove laid down in "Bassline" perfectly encapsulates why I love her playing. Subtle yet complex, her tone is half amp/rig but her finger technique is what truly grabs your ear. Blues lovers rejoice, this album is packed with gems, "Don't Do Me Wrong" seems to be straight outta Chicago. Great piano, backing singers, the works. "Heavy Duty" has a sax solo! Love it, needed it, want more! "Going Down Blues" is the final song, but god is it good. Raw, simple, but a true showcase of Suzi's talent and ability to  make the blues her voice for story telling.

My first real exposure to Suzi Quatro was from a hardcore blues fantastic named Scott who I unfortunately haven't seen in over 20 years. When I heard this album, I wanted to find him and play it for him. In fact, this album is such a good blues album I think I will. Bravo Suzi, carry on and carry a big bass!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"No Control" Track-listing:

1. No Soul/No Control
2. Going Home
3. Strings
4. Love Isn't Fair
5. Macho Man
6 .Easy Pickings
7. Bass Line
8. Don't Do Me Wrong
9. Heavy Duty
10. I Can Teach You To Fly
11. Going Down Blues

Suzi Quatro Lineup:

Suzi Quatro - Vocals, Bass
Richard Tuckey - Guitar, Song Writing Collaborator

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