The Void that Exists


I have to say that the name sounded to me just a little cheesy. To […]
By Jorge Zamudio
September 12, 2019
Superterrestrial - The Void that Exists album cover

I have to say that the name sounded to me just a little cheesy. To me,  SUPERTERRESTRIAL did not sound very convincingly Metal , but in the end it's a lame argument to judge a band just by the name. so I let it pass, and started the album, (the title I really love) "The Void that Exists".

I cleaned my mind of prejudices based on silly preconceptions and then I proceed to really give this a listen.  But before doing so, I did a little per-research about them. They're from U.K. They make black metal, and this is their sophomore album. So then, that's it. There's not really anything informative on them that I could locate. I started to worry a little bit because often with these bands, I found more to go on,., but here I felt like a fish out of the tank. Reluctantly,   I just had to just let it go. Holy hell! I'm really glad I did and this ended up being a very good decision. The first song "Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections" starts with a very dark ambiance originating from the keyboards, followed by a bit of drum, and then a blast from nowhere arrived. There's a really  catchy black metal riff all throughout the tune, with some clever tempo changes from time to time. All this make the song pretty memorable and the classic harsh voice falls perfectly within all the black metal requirements. Better than actually.

"Collapsar" starts with that spooky Transylvanian piano, that quickly evolves into a mid-tempo black metal song, with slow and short passages that transcends you, the listener, from Hell to winter and back again. Trust me, this is a journey you will really like. "Tidal Disruption Event" starts "a la Marduske" like a panzer coming at you. In this case the vocals remind me a little of HECATE ENTHRONED at first. For those unfamiliar, it's a voice that is so harsh, yet so melodic that blurs the lines of intermingling along with the guitars.

"The Void that Exists"  is a release that finds itself between the second wave of black metal and the modern atmospheric black metal. BM heads over most of this album, making a good tonality all along the tracks. It's an amazing album that's for sure, but don't expect to find something too lofty. There's really no reason to it, as it's really good for just what it is. Truthfully, in the album's final moments you begin to fill a little bored. Not really in a bad way, it's just that they fit so well with all the black metal standards, that it just gets a little dense. Ultimately, I strongly recommend this to anyone who is just getting into  the genre.  You see, it will catch your attention and keep it for a good little bit. It's always good to start with those kinds of bands that have all the essences that remind one of the 90'.

8 / 10









"The Void that Exists" Track-listing:

1. Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections
2. Collapsar
3. Tidal Disruption Event
4. Bok Globule
5. Aphelion
6. Heliacal Rising
7. Moreton Wave

Superterrestrial Lineup:

Martin Shouler - Unknown
Warren King - Unknown
Jon Knox - Unknown
Tom Logan - Unknown

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