The Fathomless Decay


SUPERTERRESTRIAL is a Black Metal band from the UK. Formed in 2017, this is their […]
December 23, 2022
Superterrestrial - The Fathomless Decay album cover

SUPERTERRESTRIAL is a Black Metal band from the UK. Formed in 2017, this is their third album, and has seven songs. "Dark Energy" is the first. The opening sounds are fuzzy and thick, like a swarm of bees, and the production has too much treble in the mix. The vocals are about what you might expect from Black Metal, but the music is ominous and frightening. As the song continues, desolate elements grow. "Transient Lunar Phenomenon" features a similar sound. Although the vocals remain horrid screams, there is s little development in the music, especially those scary tones towards the end. "Escape Velocity" sounds similar to the previous two songs. Three songs in, and we aren't getting much variation.

"Solar Constant" is a shorter song, but again, with that hasty pace and much similarity in the guitar work. The vocals are beginning to become somewhat annoying at this point...just incessant screams over and over again. "Periastron" opens with tense, ominous tones from keys/samples. A hush falls over the lands, as the creature begins to take shape in the darkness. However, the music that follows joins a very similar path as the other songs. Again, the ending is pretty scary, but what lies between isn't too different. "Planetesimal" is another shorter song, where the opening promises some variation, but the song does not deliver, unfortunately. The mid-section shows some solemn promise with clean guitar tones, however.

"Heliacal Rising" closes the album. Again, it begins with some promise that is short lived. If the band could just develop these harrowing elements, the album would be excellent. As it stands however, the same vocal delivery over and over again gets old.

4 / 10

Nothing special








"The Fathomless Decay" Track-listing:

1. Dark Energy
2. Transient Lunar Phenomenon
3. Escape Velocity
4. Solar Constant
5. Periastron
6. Planetesimal
7. Heliacal Rising

Superterrestrial Lineup:

Martin Shouler
Warren King
Jon Knox
Tom Logan

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