The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation


In the line of Old School Death Metal rebranding comes SUPERSTITION, a Death Metal band […]
By Liam Easley
June 16, 2019
Superstition - The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation album cover

In the line of Old School Death Metal rebranding comes SUPERSTITION, a Death Metal band newly signed onto 20 Buck Spin (a.k.a. the one that has TOMB MOLD) to release their debut full-length, "The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation". Sounding like MORBID ANGEL before 1995 with a hint of SLAYER, SUPERSTITION make the old school sound new with riffs that mimic the classic Floridan band but with fresh ideas. Spaced apart with short instrumental pieces of the same name of the album itself that have an eerie and menacing tone, the album is structured nicely. The eerie interludes give a nice break from the technical riffing and complexly structured songs.

When it comes to riffing, this band does not shy away from experimentation. "Unreclaimed Blood (Phantom Swarm)" showcases the band's best use of technicality because of its intricate riffs and structural flow. The song reeks of eerie melodies and sinister guitar riffs. The song also features nice grooves provided by the drums, a theme seen throughout other songs as well. Another highlight is the final track, "Charnel Pleasures" because of its progression and fast pace. Like most of the other tracks, the riffs so not repeat very often; instead they keep building off of one another. This track has plenty of instrumental breaks in its seven-minute run time, making plenty of room for guitar solos, something their guitarist is fairly good at. "Spiritual Sunderance" takes on a similar style as well, having plenty of instrumental breaks.

While this album has some great riffs and hooks, there is one overall flaw: its memorability. I never remember much about the album after its over other than the fact that the songwriting is very good. The riffs, while good, are not original and are not often interesting. The three instrumental tracks help to space the album apart, but in the end, it is a lot to digest. SUPERSTITION have constructed a good first effort. The instrumentation is strong, and the production is a nice balance of raw and clean, but there aren't many unique aspects to their music. I never get the feeling of astonishment during a song; instead it just exists. If you enjoy OSDM revival, then this is for you. It's not a bad album at all. It just isn't anything special.

7 / 10









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"The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation" Track-listing:

1. Unholy Transformation pt. I
2. Highly Attuned Beasts of the Dark
3. Spiritual Sunderance
4. Unholy Transformation Pt. II
5. Passage of Nullification
6. Torn in the Outer Lands
7. Unreclaimed Blood (Phantom Spawn)
8. Unholy Transformation Pt. III
9. Charnel Pleasures

Superstition Lineup:

D.J. - Bass
D.M. - Drums
K.M. - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
L.S. - Vocals, Guitars

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