Bristol, England's SUPERSEED are a rare band. They have the ability to carry their influences […]
By David Crossbowmen
January 30, 2019
Superseed - Superseed album cover

Bristol, England's SUPERSEED are a rare band. They have the ability to carry their influences into the the music but yet, create an album all their own at the same time. "Superseed" is set to release early February via Rock of Angels Records. Diversity is the theme on this record and SUPERSEED brings it in spades. This is an adventure that into goes down the rabbit hole of stoner rock and grandness. What makes "Superseed" a truly a unique album is the three vocalists and three guitarists. This often allows for diversity in the music but also allows different ideas to flow. "My Time is Now" is a dirty, grungy way to start off the album. "Heavy Times" as the title suggests, those heavy times are coming indeed! Outstanding song that forces the listener to think outside the box. Fun and huge song that rumbles through. Epic for sure.

 "Uneasy Swarm" is foot stomping music with vocals reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne. "Interference" is a peppy song that barrels through with dynamics and variance. "Someone Broke It" is eerily catchy and immediately grabs the listener in. Very much inspiring and grand in scale. "The Face That Followed You Back Home" is a gargantuan song with equally monstrous riffs. The chorus is an earworm of ethereal goodness. Divine! "Turn the Screw" is more of those crunchy guitar riffs that drive the listener into nostalgia. Another chorus that is sure to stick as well. "Country Mile" has more of those chunky and grimy riffs that will have you doing your best air guitar impression. "This is the Way to Go" certainly stands out because there is almost a Cheap Trick/Cars vibe going on. Which is very much a good thing because the more diversity, the better.

"Messenger" is a sing along with that sludge and crust we all adore. Again, Ozzy like vocals with a punk twist. "Already Done" will be an instant fan favorite. SUPERSEED always change sounds like a chameleon. Ear Grabbing and is sure to be another earworm of a song. Epic is an understatement! "Let Yourself Go" has great keyboards scattered about that gives layers to the song. Great way to end the album for sure. SUPERSEED have created an album that exceeds all expectations. "Superseed" is packed full of lush sounds. In Addition, the album employs grand and eye-opening songs. SUPERSEED have crafted an album that combines stoner rock and grunge all at the same time. However, at the heart of it all, is a sense of other-worldly fearless jams. "Superseed" is ambitious and also colossal in scope. Amazing debut and cannot wait to see what is in store for SUPERSEED.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Superseed" Track-listing:

1. My Time is Now
2. Static
3. Heavy Times
4. Uneasy Swarm
5. Interference
6. Someone Broke it
7. The Face That Followed You Home
8. Quicksand
9. Turn the Screw
10. Country Mile
11. This is the Way to Go
12. You Failed!
13. Messenger
14. Already Done
15. No One's Getting out of Here Alive
16. Let Yourself Go

Superseed Lineup:

Ben Taylor - Guitars/Vocals
David Edgar - Guitars/Vocals
Dan Armson - Guitars/Vocals
Keith Bowers - Bass
Matt Colley - Drums

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