Devilish Whisper


SUPERHORROR were formed in a cemetery on Halloween somewhere in Italy 2005. The rotting corpses […]
By Phil Tyler
July 2, 2023
Superhorror - Devilish Whisper album cover

SUPERHORROR were formed in a cemetery on Halloween somewhere in Italy 2005. The rotting corpses have been terrorising the living since that time with four attempts to rock them till they drop. Devilish Whispers is their 5th stab at this and was self produced because nobody else could put up with the rotting stinking smell of flesh falling from their decaying bodies (probably).

On the final track "Back to the Graveyard" Edward J Freak sings:

"We kicked some living ass and we had some fun..."

That really is what this album is all about - it's a whole heap of mindless and brainless fun (no pun intended and hope I didn't offend them by saying that zombies are mindless and brainless)

Anyway onto the meat of this review (of the rotting decaying kind) SUPERHORROR are a fun glam/sleaze horror rock show and in the often over serious lyricism of rock and metal, it's nice to have some humorous throwaway lyrics like on the funky "The Superhorrorshow":

" "I love you" she said
And she pulled out a full set of jaws
When you try to scream...its already too fuckin' late"

Or how about "The Z Word"

"Shut up you fuckin' asshole!
I'm dead but I have a real soul
So shut your mouth and listen carefully:
Don't call me Zombie"

Both tracks are catchy as hell with some fast paced chunky riffs and blistering solos and whilst Edward J Freak has a very raw and rough around the edges vocal style, it suits the music very well.
"Dead Girls Are Good" is the best glam/sleaze rock song about necrophilia, I've ever heard - well the only one to be fair but picture this:

"Open casket, rottin' body, pale moonlight
Necrophilia is alright."

And is it really necrophilia if you're both dead? Something to ponder over your coffee maybe?

"Church of I-D-G-A-F" has a strong anti-Christian sentiment but is also very catchy and a fun track as is the final track "Back to the Graveyard" which closes proceedings before the musicians pack up their instruments and journey back to the underworld.

In Devilish Whisper, SUPERHORROR have created a fun-time horror show. None of the tracks stray too much from the verse-chorus-verse style of glam/sleaze and if you like this style of music, you should definitely check them out. I bet they're a fun live (as in dead) band and this would make a great soundtrack to a horror musical. It's well produced and the band are musically very good and there's no ballads, just nine slabs of fun-time fast paced sleaze. Enjoy!!

8 / 10









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"Devilish Whisper" Track-listing:

1. Devilish Whisper
2. Memento Party
3. Holy Water
4. The Superhorrorshow
5. The Z Word
6. Devilish Theme
7. Dead Girls Are Good
8. Satan Loves You
9. Church of I-D-G-A-F
10. Back To The Graveyard

Superhorror Lineup:

Edward J Freak - Vocals
Jimi - Guitar
Didi Bukz - Guitar
Vale - Bass
Frankie Voltage - Drums

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