Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth


Quite an interesting act we have here. A band that comes from the Polish metal […]
By Ricardo "Lebzul" Brenes
February 6, 2021
Sunnata - Burning in Heaven

Quite an interesting act we have here. A band that comes from the Polish metal scene and has been building up a name in broader latitudes, due to their particular fusion of ideas and style in both their sonic and visual display, trying different things, yet still somehow swimming along familiar shores.

"Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth" is their fourth album since their debut full length as SUNNATA in 2014 and comes out three years after their latest release "Outlands". They have definitely been active on the creative side, and this record should be able to show or establish perhaps a definition of their own true sound, of what works and what may not, where and what to as they experiment with different sound textures.

As I venture into this fuzz-filled ride with "Crows", the opening track and first single from this album, the basslines create a sense of expectation while a trippy string work adds the psychedelic vibe, enhanced by clean, relaxed vocals, Stoner Rock territory, until at 1:42 the world collapses into angry Sludge for about 23 seconds, then going back to the relaxed and chilled atmosphere from start, there is a mixture of Grunge and Stoner Rock that radically changes to these furious episodes of heavy tones and pounding beats, flowing into a melodic mixture of it all with chorused vocals that reminds me of the style of Tomy Joutsen from AMORPHIS.

The shamanic and spiritual thematic of the band is fully captured in "God Emperor of Dune" which starts with mantra-style chants and vocals, lots of delays and a hypnotic bassline provide the perfect atmosphere for a full-connection with the music, intensifying in its vibrations as it evolves, getting heavier, but not faster, more psychedelic at times, cleaner at others, with a monkish chant vibe and great vocal mix, slowly wearing off like a good trip. So does "Völva (The Seeress)", which once again somehow reminds me of the Finnish doomsters. A powerful ballad-style song, soothing, relaxing with just the right dose of intensity and fury where needed.

"A Million Lives" has at the beginning some sort of a Psychedelic Pop vibe, at times reminding me of some MINISTRTY songs. The pace drops and again a great use of vocals combined with super energetic drumming leading to a heavily distorted climax and then back into full Stoner Rock mode, very cool stuff.

No less psychedelic, "Black Serpent" is a sludgier song overall where for most of the first half, a mix of vocals ala ALICE IN CHAINS dominate the easy-going parts and a Lemmy-filthy one does in the heavier parts. The song ends in pure Psychedelic Rock mode so be ready for a full ride. Same vocal style can be found in "Way Out", the closing chapter of this story, with perhaps PINK FLOYD influences, intelligently dosed as to be just that, a simple extra spice to an already delicious dish.

This album follows a by now well-defined line of sound and style for SUNNATA that gives the band one of the most important things: its own identity; they are ready to eat the world and "Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth" is a very loud and clear statement in that direction. Great music, no matter what your particular taste may be, this is a must-try I bet you will most likely enjoy as much as I do.

10 / 10









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"Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth" Track-listing:

1. Crows
2. God Emperor of Dune
3. A Million Lives
4. Black Serpent
5. Völva (The Seeress)
6. Way Out

Sunnata Lineup:

Michał Dobrzański - bass
Szymon Ewertowski - vocals, guitar
Adrian Gadomski - vocals, guitar
Robert Ruszczyk - drums, percussion

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