Life... A Tragedy Tainted by Malevolence

Sun of the Endless Night

Thrash, the whole thrash and nothing but the thrash. Tight riffs, breakneck pace, reckless abandon […]
By Huw Eggington
March 27, 2022
Sun of the Endless Night - Life... A Tragedy Tainted by Malevolence album cover

Thrash, the whole thrash and nothing but the thrash. Tight riffs, breakneck pace, reckless abandon and barked vocal full of spite are on the menu for SUN OF THE ENDLESS NIGHT's second full length release. The U.K thrashers wear their influences on their sleeves and whilst clearly very happy with what they do, they never seem to be able to fly out of the starting blocks in the way one would like. This album has a couple of genuine really high points and comparatively few low moments, the overlong intro, attempting to set some atmosphere before kicking the door down could perhaps be shorter, but this is the only real gripe I have with the album itself.

"Where There Is God There Is Nothing?" Is probably the standout moment on this record. Merging the bounce of EXODUS with the aggression of SLAYER this band create a sound that is as fun as it is intense. The the guitar tones on this and all over the record are outstanding, hitting the absolutely battering chug of the low end and the stark and snappy punctuation through the mid range, if you're looking for the perfect thrash guitar sound you needn't look much further than this, pay special attention in the final 3rd of "The Holocene Has Ended" for the this band sounding absolutely massive. Lyrically this is all very standard fair for thrash, nothing particularly stands out one way or the other, however the vocal performance does stand out. Starting with the obvious, he sounds like 90s era TOM ARAYA, but not a bad impression of, a very very good impression and when you can pull that of well good things are bound to happen.

Drumming also deserves a special mention on this, the absolute powerhouse performance put in by COLIN BAKER surely is a feat to behold and when the drumming particularly stands out as good it's damn exciting, adding character into every space, a fill here, an extra ride on the symbol there, ground and pound this certainly isn't and it serves the album well. As a collection of songs this album is very good, there's not a great deal of filler, everything serves a purpose, and they play with a good level of technical proficiency. The songs sound really good, there's a sense of some crossover influences that keeps the record from falling flat. So what if its very similar to stuff we've heard before? This is a really solid thrash album and anyone who enjoys that sound is sure to enjoy this.

7 / 10









"Life... A Tragedy Tainted by Malevolence" Track-listing:

1. Open Skies Closed Minds
2. Where There Is God There Is Nothing
3. Once Upon A Death
4. Sun Of The Endless Night.536ce
5. Darkness Has Fallen For The Human Race
6. The Holocene Has Ended
7. Beyond The Reason Of Man
8. Take Comfort In War
9. Full Disclosure
10. Forest of Dreams
11. Sun Of The Endless Night

Sun of the Endless Night Lineup:

Si Cobb - Vocals
Ade Stokes - Guitars
Jim Saunders - Guitars
Ian Glasper - Bass
Colin Baker - Drums

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