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SUN OF GREY present their debut EP here titled "Outerworld." From their Facebook page, "When […]
December 29, 2020
Sun of Grey - Outerworld album cover

SUN OF GREY present their debut EP here titled "Outerworld." From their Facebook page, "When you look back it has always been man against man. Our future has been foretold. The need for hope decays. But we must carry on. Until our end of days when the great fireball in the sky no longer gives light. No longer gives warmth. No longer gives life. No longer gives... For on that day, the sun shall be forever grey." The album contains six tracks.

"Dark Souls" leads off the album, opening with hard and slow drum beats, and a fuzzy guitar riff with bass in foot. The vocals are clean at first, then harsh, with some eerie lead guitar notes. The riff stays pretty steady throughout. "Jar of Leeches" takes a while to get started, then it settles into a lumbering groove with angry vocals. Some lead guitar notes provide some melody, but it's a pretty doomy song overall. Talk about forever grey...

"Lucifer Smiled" is an eight-minute opus, beginning with heavy guitar thuds, and some eerie leads. The octave stretching creates an old school feeling, like ZEPPELIN or SABBATH. The vocals are clean at first, then turn harsh. It drags on for what seems like eternity...and eternity of hopelessness. It picks up after the half-way mark with a "now it's my turn" lyrics. "Outerworld" is another lengthy offering. Beginning with soft drums and the opening lyrics from the intro is spoken. The main riff is slow again and doesn't really branch out much. Bass notes can be heard, repeating the notes of the riff. It picks up again in pace towards the end.

"Silent Screams" is a little shorter and a little faster. Still, even for Doom Metal, the riffing is a bit too simple for me. The vocalist is good at getting the message across, however. This song is pretty straightforward in the realm of things. "Disease" closes the EP, beginning with bass guitar notes and a feeling of the end is coming. Despondent lead guitar notes come into play, along with some light drumming. The vocals are low in the register at first. It sounds like the slow ravage of someone from leprosy...a bitter and long death.

Overall, the album has potential, and considering it's the band's debut EP, playing it somewhat safe is something that can be expected. But they need to take some chances to separate themselves from their peers who are doing the same thing. As I mentioned, the riffing was just a little too simple for me, and although the vocalist did sing in two styles, he was a bit too droning for me. The album just needs some elements to bring it alive.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Outerworld" Track-listing:

1. Dark Souls
2. Jar of Leeches
3. Lucifer Smiled
4. Outerworld
5. Silent Screams
6. Disease

Sun of Grey Lineup:

Freddy Allen - Bass & Vocals
Jim Merz - Drums
Ian Hopkins - Guitars

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