Blood Ordinance


For nearly ten years, SUMERU has showcased its uncompromising authority as one of Australia's heaviest […]
By Daphne Minks Daly
February 9, 2021
Sumeru - Blood Ordinance album cover

For nearly ten years, SUMERU has showcased its uncompromising authority as one of Australia's heaviest bands. With Jake Willoughby of I EXIST now in front, SUMERU's latest EP, "Blood Ordinance," fits perfectly into an already impressive catalog of music. After four long years, SUMERU fans worldwide can be assured this new offering was worth the wait. With such intense metal albums behind them, like 2018's "Summon Destroyer," it should come as no surprise to anyone that this album was so highly anticipated.

Typically categorized as a doom or stoner metal band, SUMERU shows off its multifaceted talents on "Blood Ordinance," which was initially released as a two-song EP. Plunging to the bottom of the low and dirty deep end, these masters of gloom fill every note of this album with a new twist on their signature filthy groove. Never has this been more evident than on "Blood Ordinance." "Cold Chamber" glides in with a speed nostalgic of their stoner doom metal roots but quickly becomes mysterious, melodic, and aggressive. The song's dramatic instrumentation is laden with surprises, such as amazingly dramatic drops. Epic, choppy chugs, and impressive drum rolls are an experience in SUMERU's power. The song ends with another perfectly executed homage to doom metal.

"Foundry of Dread" arrives with an American metal-air, punching and pushing its way in with a hardcore punk freneticism that never lets up. The song approaches like a tap on the shoulder and quickly leads to a punch in the face. The hardcore intensity is inviting, if not intoxicating. Simultaneously, the death metal and thrash influences are woven in with a patterned wealth of memorable riffs and remain profoundly hard all the way through. Jake Willoughby is a phenomenal metal vocalist. With such cohesion as on the "Foundry of Dread," SUMERU seems to be undergoing a renaissance-like rebirth.

This album demonstrates a fresh, more unrelenting sound while somehow staying true to their sludgy roots. "Blood Ordinance" offers the listener a taste of black and death metal mixed with just the right amount of blackgaze. The two-track album offers three additional tracks, and a favorite for this reviewer is "Spines." Heavy on sludge and strong on speed, the grinding riffs, pounding beats, and cutting vocals are superb. A unique intro sets the stage for a fabulous trip into SUMERU's world. "Spines" remind the listener who they're dealing with, and it will surely be remembered as one of the strongest tracks of SUMERU's career. With tracks like "Foundry of Dread" and "Spines," SUMERU once again leaves a lasting impression and secures their place as a band to follow.

10 / 10









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"Blood Ordinance" Track-listing:

1. Cold Chamber
2. Foundry of Dread

Sumeru Lineup:

Andres Hyde - Drums
Peter Bursky - Guitar
Chris Wilson - Guitar
Pat Taylor - Bass
Jake Willoughby - Vocals

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