Command To Charge


Suidakra is a Folk Black Metal band, originally branded as Gloryfication. They heralded their arrival […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
April 30, 2005
Suidakra - Command To Charge album cover

Suidakra is a Folk Black Metal band, originally branded as Gloryfication. They heralded their arrival with the 1995 Dawn demo. This German band is well established among Metalheads as a leading act of Black/Death Metal with some folk influences. Well, maybe that's about to change because Command To Charge, the bands latest effort, takes the band through a whole new direction. The band has toured with bands such as Borknagar, Susperia, Finntroll, Windir, Green Carnation, Mork Gryning so they are very experienced when it comes to live performances thus we are expecting them to come to Greece too!
The music is very well written and very well played, blended with many melodies in the vocals but especially in the guitar lines. They play Metal in a modern way without being boring but they definitely do not reserve the Oscar for the absolute novelty in guitar riffing. The production is very clear and helps to elevate the album to a higher sonic plateau.
Some older elements still remain - especially the folk influences - so you can find songs like the majestic instrumental Dead Man's Reel which features bagpipes and will lead you to the Highlalnds for sure! Sometime you feel like you're listening to Grave Digger, together with Rammstein since Suidakra combine elements from these two bands. The CD also includes two of their videos, Reap The Storm and Morrigan, where you will have the chance to witness the live capabilities of the band. There's also an acoustic song called Gathered In Fear which may divide the listeners into two army camps since some may find it inappropriate for the whole climate of the album. Suidakra manage to compose music in their own way and this will definitely attract new listeners to their camp.
If you consider yourself to be an open minded metalhead, dig into Suidakra with no fear and time will pay you back for sure! Rock on with the bagpipes then!!!!
- Album Highlights: Decibel Dance, C14_Measured By Infinity, The Alliance, A Runic Rhyme, Gathered In Fear and Dead Man's Reel.

7 / 10


"Command To Charge" Track-listing:

Decibel Dance
C14_Measured By Infinity
Haughs Of Cromdale
The Alliance
A Runic Rhyme
Second Skin
Reap The Storm
Gathered In Fear
A Strange Perfection
Dead Man's Reel (instrumental)
The End Beyond Me

Suidakra Lineup:

Arkadius Antonik - Vocals & Guitar
Marcel Schoenen - Guitar
Marcus Riewaldt - Bass
Lars Wehner - Drums

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