Cimbric Yarns


SUIDAKRA was formed in Germany in 1994 and was first known as GLORYFICATION.  "Cimbric Yarns" […]
November 26, 2018
Suidakra - Cimbric Yarns album cover

SUIDAKRA was formed in Germany in 1994 and was first known as GLORYFICATION.  "Cimbric Yarns" is the band's thirteenth full-length release.  Contained within is a departure from the Melodeath style previously perpetuated.  Instead, the band explores history before time began via acoustic and traditional folk instruments.  The fantasy world upon which the album is based was created by a collaboration with painter Kris Verwimp on the band's previous album, "Realms of Oderic".  "Cimbric Yarns" ventures to tell the story that preceded that album and is inspired by ancient Celtic texts as it blurs the line between history and fantasy.

"Echtra" opens the album with a thunderous onslaught of furiously-played acoustic guitars performing traditional melodies with deep orchestration.  Ultimately, it fulfills its duty in opening the listener's mind and setting the mood of the songs to come.  The fourth track, "A Day and Forever," beautifully blends soft acoustic chords with pulsing bass and choice instrumentation.  Were a stranger not among the Metal fold to hear this, the band's past discography would not factor into their impression.

The fifth track, "Black Dawn," contains a steady beat underneath the orchestration which keeps everything running smoothly.  The acoustic strumming brings to mind classic performances from one Jimmy Page.  Like the dark master, SUIDAKRA are able to cast a unique spell upon the listener, further drawing them in to the ritual.  "Snakehenge," the seventh track, is one of the most upbeat tracks on the album.  One can envision circles of painted Celts dancing around megalithic structures.  The eighth track, "Birth and Despair," contains instruments bearing the musical color of the subject matter.  While not wholly maudlin, this is a fitting exercise outlining the nature of life and existence.

The production is what really makes this album work.  Superbly-captured performances adorned with the proper settings contribute to its overall efficacy.  For a band to be able to take on such a naked rendering of their talent is beyond commendable, a true testament to talent and creativity.  One cannot help but e reminded of the latest album from WINTERFYLLETH released earlier this year, another stripped-down offering to look into if this album impresses.

Perhaps those expecting a blazing Metal record will be disappointed, but those with an open mind stand to gain an incredibly absorbing collection of folk-tinged acoustic music.  Some of the best moments of artists as disparate as BLIND GUARDIAN and AMORPHIS are echoed within.  This album is perfect background music for reading, relaxing, and meditating.  It is not difficult to be caught up in the drama created by one's thoughts while listening.  After all, isn't that the true purpose of music?

7 / 10









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"Cimbric Yarns" Track-listing:

1. Echtra
2. Serpentine Origins
3. Ode to Arma
4. A Day and Forever
5. Black Dawn
6. At Nine Light Night
7. Snakehenge
8. Birth and Despair
9. Assault on Urlár
10. Caoine Cruác

Suidakra Lineup:

Arkadius Antonik - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Sebastian Jensen - Guitars, Clean Vocals
Ken Jentzen - Bass

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