Remember...You Must Die

Suicide Silence

SUICIDE SILENCE hailing from Riverside, California were formed in 2002. The Deathcore outfit released six […]
May 22, 2023
Suicide Silence - Remember...You Must Die album cover

SUICIDE SILENCE hailing from Riverside, California were formed in 2002. The Deathcore outfit released six full-length albums and one live album during their 20 years long history. Album number seven "Remember...You Must Die" was produced by Taylor Young (DRAIN; NAILS), and it has a length of about 40 minutes. The album was released via German Metal specialists Century Media Records.

The album starts with the title song, split in two parts. While "Remember..." is a short, tension-building intro, "You Must Die" starts with the Deathcore assault at frantic speed. The track has all ingredients of a traditional Deathcore track: the twists in tempo, the huge breakdown, the diversity in the growling vocals ranging from deep-lying growls to highly pitched screams, and the thunderous riffing. "You Must Die" is a great way to open the album and it sets nicely the scene for the things to come. "Capable Of Violence (N.F.W.)" starts brutal with a huge scream before transitioning into a steamrolling rhythm. The track changes frequently tempo and rhythm, with a lot of down-tempo parts included. Highlight is the lead guitar solo, which is integrated into the short part at crazy speed. "Fucked For Life" continues with the stomping rhythm at the beginning, but quickly transitions into blistering pace. The vocals are mainly screams at the higher end of the guttural range with a few deeper growls included. The final part is a down-tempo part with thunderous riffing and lots of double-bass drumming.

"Kill Forever" starts with sharp riffing, twists in rhythm, and lots of double-bass drumming. The main part of the track is at mid-tempo with the staccato-like drumming driving the song forward. The down-tempo part includes short, but very contributing lead guitar solo, while the end of the track is reserved for another cool breakdown. "God Be Damned" starts with a blast-beat thunderstorm and transitions into a part played at frantic pace. Plenty of rhythm changes, often ranging between the fast and mid-tempo parts, drive the track. Highlight, however, is the down-tempo part towards the end of the song with powerful guitar riffs and a highly energetic vocal performance of Herman Hermida, which is second to none. "Alter Of Self" has a hammering start with thunderous riffing at down-tempo. It is another steamroller with the vocals being often more at the higher end of the guttural range. The melodies are grim throughout the track with the lead guitars contributing very well to the doomy atmosphere. The song ends in another cool breakdown. "Alter Of Self" is the official video release, and the YouTube link is provided below.

"Endless Dark" has a pummeling start with a blast-beat attack and then transitioning into a down-tempo part. The drumming of Ernie Iniguez is clearly the highlight of the track with the combination of blast-beats and the machine gun type of short double-bass blasts throughout the track. Another highlight is the lead guitar solo towards the end of the song. "The Third Death" is a mixture of short high-speed attacks, mid-tempo, and down-tempo parts. The growls are very versatile and cover most of the guttural range. The guitar riffing provides the basis for a very aggressive track, and it all ends with a short but perfectly fitting breakdown. "Be Deceived" is a real head-banger for most of the time with powerful riffing and short double-bass bursts. The track includes a few subtle twists in rhythm, but the song stays at its down-tempo pace. The vocals cover, once again, most of the range, with the majority being higher pitched screams.

"Dying Life" is mainly driven by the guitar riffing and the vocals and Herman Hermida stamps his authority onto the track with an outstanding performance. His versatility and energy give "Dying Life" an extra dimension and makes the track to one of the album highlights. "Full Void" starts with a short, oriental inspired guitar intro, which seamlessly transitions into a final Deathcore slaughtering at down-tempo with many twists and turns in rhythm. "Full Void" sounds a bit different compared to the other tracks as it is less complex and the guitar riffing, lead guitars, and the solo are all driven by the oriental melodic framework, which gives the song a lot of catchiness. It is, despite being different, one of the best songs on the album and it finishes with an atmospheric sound and a spoken word part, which finishes with the words of the album title.

SUICIDE SILENCE deliver their best album for a very long time. It is raw, brutal, and aggressive, and most importantly, it is a versatile, fresh, and dynamic Deathcore album. While on previous albums, the tracks sounded interchangeable, "Remember...You Must Die" has 12 tracks with a unique sound and a comprehensive mixture of fast, mid-tempo, and down-tempo parts. Highlights for me are the versatile growling vocals, the relentless drumming, and the much-improved songwriting. The album is very well produced. I have reviewed a few great Deathcore albums of great bands this year, and "Remember...You Must Die" is among the best of those albums. It is a good year for Deathcore fans!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Remember...You Must Die" Track-listing:

1. Remember...
2. You Must Die
3. Capable Of Violence (N.F.W.)
4. Fucked For Life
5. Kill Forever
6. God Be Damned
7. Alter Of Self
8. Endless Dark
9. The Third Death
10. Be Deceived
11. Dying Life
12. Full Void

Suicide Silence Lineup:

Herman Hermida - Vocals
Chris Garza - Guitars
Mark Heylmun - Guitars
Ernie Iniguez - Drums
Daniel Kenny - Bass

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