Disintegration Of The Individual

Suffersystem -

Suffersystem duo releases their latest album.
June 24, 2024

A German duo from Essen created SUFFERSYSTEM back in 2001. A Thrash metal band (?) with some touches of Death Metal I have heard. The band (?) started with only Dirk Padtberg playing all instruments but with time, vocalist Daniel Furke was added making a duo. I understand that a bass player named Stephan Loch was also brought in later and from 2001 to 2008 they have recorded 3 full albums and 2 demos. In 2009 the band stopped for at least 10 years due to family reasons and the guys were nowhere to be found.

In 2019 they have decided to reunite but this time without the bass player and 3 more albums were released. The latest one is Disintegration Of The Individual released in 2024. This album also has a number of guest musicians and singers in 7 tunes of the album hopefully offering to the listener a variety of different textures. We start with “Feast Of Souls” and I did not see much of a Thrash influence on this one as it sound more Death Metal than anything else, with vocals ala CARCASS, that can also be felt in the tune that names the album "Disintegration of the Individual", I have to confess that I am not impressed especially with the drummer on these tunes. The album seems a little rushed in the production giving the impression that the songs were not worked as hard as it should be. At least we have a better drumming on "Obliteration Predicted" and "Mangled Corpse" however the riffs and the sparse guitar solos are not very inspiring.

The album gets a little better with The "Evil Within" but is not enough to surprise. The album sounds also a little uneven with some songs much more produced and with better drumming than others. The band also adds a kind of instrumental innuendo on "Fragments" in the middle of the album that sounds more like a filler since it did not add anything to it. The songs definitely gets better as you go, but you can still hear some production mistakes such as having the drum blatantly out of tempo in some parts of the tune "Chopped Into Pieces" and this is not acceptable since it shows either lack of attention, or that this album was  really rushed. The songs also have a weird ending. They just end when you do not expect. You can see that all the elements are there and this could be a good addition to the genre, but it lacks a little inspiration and care. Another song out of sync is "Lobotomy" and the perpetrator this time is the guitar player. A metronome probably was not used and I understand that some bands do not like to use one even on recordings as they look for a more spontaneous sound, but at least keep the rhythm tied please.We reach the last 2 tunes "Suicidium" and "Hellspawn" and they are not much inspirational as well.

The band sounds a little amateurish as you can see in riffs that are too basic and the guitar solos could be played by me, and I am a drummer. A little disappointment to say the least as from a band (?) that has 6 albums on their belt, should not sound so amateurish. It sounds like the very first SEPULTURA album.

3 / 10









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"Disintegration Of The Individual" Track-listing:

1.Feast of Souls
2.Disintegration of the Individual
3.Obliteration Predicted
4.Mangled Corpse
5.The Evil Within
7.Chopped Into Pieces

Suffersystem - Lineup:

Dirk Padtberg - All instruments
Daniel Funke -Vocals

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