Chasing The Horizon


SUCKERPUNCH a hard rock band from Denmark recently released their new full length album "Chasing […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
November 22, 2018
Suckerpunch - Chasing The Horizon album cover

SUCKERPUNCH a hard rock band from Denmark recently released their new full length album "Chasing the Horizon". The band draws influences from many rock bands such as MOTORHEAD, AC/DC, SOCIAL DISTORTION and many others. This album as a serious southern rock feel to it and a few remind me strongly of CHROME DIVISION and MOTORHEAD if they met CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL.

Everything from Kurt Noesgaard on vocals to Morten Flindt and Christoffer Saku's guitar work is wonderful, as well as Jesper Willumsgaard's bass playing and Lars Groth's drum work. If you are a fan of southern rock I highly recommend SUCKERPUNCH.

I would like to start off with the first track which is entitled "Chasing The Horizon". It immediately shows you what the album is all about, straightforward good 'ol southern rock. Me being from the southern states in America this makes me feel right at home as if I was sitting in a rock bar and downing some good bourbon. The next song that caught my attention was "Dirty Bitch", this song truly reminds me of home because that's who I would leaving that bar with haha!

"Leaving Country Hell" is definitely a southern rock ballad if I've ever heard one. It has all of southern rocks best sides and non of it's flaws. And some damn good bluesy guitar riffs. The song "Longing" really reminded me of CLUTCH a whole lot. It was really damn good and one of my favorites off the album. And what is a southern rock band without a song about the devil? It wouldn't be a good one without it so that's why I am so glad they added "Riding With The Devil". I absolutely loved this song. The next song is perfect because the holidays are coming up here in America so a Christmas song called "Run Run Rudolph" was awesome! It was really fun to listen to and it's another bluesy song. The last song I would really like to mention is one that no southern rock album should be without just like the devil, "Tattoos 'N' Booze" was a phenomenal addition to the album. All in all this was a very fun and energetic album and I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

7 / 10









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"Chasing The Horizon" Track-listing:

1. Chasing the Horizon
2. Come On Over
3. Dirty Bitch
4. Give it All
5. Leaving Country Hell
6. Longing
7. Riding With the Devil
8. Run Run Rudolph
9. Snake Bite
10. Stay On Top
11. Tattoos 'N' Booze
12. The Gambler
13. What Do You Want

Suckerpunch Lineup:

Kurt Noesgaard - Vocals
Morten Flindt - Guitars
Christoffer Saku - Guitars
Jesper Willumsgaard - Bass
Lars Groth - Drums

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