There are many times I get amazed without wanting it with the notes on the […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 15, 2007
Subcyde - Subcyde album cover

There are many times I get amazed without wanting it with the notes on the back of a promo CD. Some times I just think that I may be about to witness the next great star of Thrash Metal for example. The small poster that accompanied this promo CD was saying some great stuff about the band and I really didn't know what to expect. The only thing that could solve this mystery was the play button.

SUBCYDE is from Stockholm, Sweden, and was formed in late 1997 by Ola and Johan. The members come from a Punk background and later on, they decided to form this band. Not many things are so important that are worth mentioning here. Some extra information that you may want to know is that Ola is also a member of the Swedish Death Metal band FACING DEATH, and that only one line up change has occurred, when Jim Kekonius left the band.

After three demo CD's - one in 2004, one in 2005 and one in 2006 - the band finally managed to sign a contract with Last Entertainment Productions to release its self titled debut album. Most times, I come across American bands that are NWOSDM wannabes. What about a Swedish band that tries to approach the American Thrash Metal sound? Despite their origin, SUBCYDE have decided to play a pretty interesting mixture of old school Bay Area Thrash Metal with many groovy touches. While listening to Subcyde, I came across many parts that reminded me of MACHINE HEAD and EXODUS, while the band's main influence seems to be TESTAMENT (mostly The Gathering era). Da Silva obviously tries to sound like Chuck Billy when performing brutal vocals, but he fails. No, I am not criticizing his voice! In fact I am saying this in a positive way since his voice doesn't end up being irritatingly similar to TESTAMENT's singer. This guy surely has his own style! The tempo varies, since you can listen to fast & furious riffing, as well as mid tempo rhythms that will make you bang your head either you want it or not. There were times I caught myself headbanging to SUBCYDE's groovy attack! The production is also very nice and adds some heaviness to the overall result!

Subcyde was definitely a good surprise for me and I can say that I will impatiently wait for their next move. Not the album of the year, but surely something that will make you spend your time pleasantly and become a great addition to your collection. Thrashers, go get it!

7 / 10


"Subcyde" Track-listing:

Knives In The Dark
War Infected
Power Smash
A Sea Of Serpents
Hollow Death
Sentence Is Death
Sacred Scars
Perfect Enema
All For Extinction

Subcyde Lineup:

Antonio Da Silva - Vocals
Ola Englund - Guitar
Martin Anderson - Bass
Johan Wikforss - Drums

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