One With Everything

Styx (And The Contemporary Youth Orchestra)

STYX may not be e Metal band; they've occasionally be a Hard Rock act. They […]
By Grigoris Chronis
December 24, 2006
Styx (And The Contemporary Youth Orchestra) - One With Everything album cover

STYX may not be e Metal band; they've occasionally be a Hard Rock act. They lay more on the pomp/symphonic part of rock music. OK, but without their artistic touch symphonic/progressive Metal would not be the same and this is an axiom. Hence, two paragraphs follow as a brief onside look to their newest release...
...which is not a full studio album. In opposite, this must be the 5th (?) attempt of the legendary 'pomp' Rock band to 'sculpture' their artistic creations in front of a live audience. Furthermore, One With Everything marks the participation of the 115-member CONTEMPORARY YOUTH ORCHESTRA (and a 60-member chorus), in which all musicians are 15-19 years old! Hell yeah, who'd imagine so many juvenile players keen on the STYX sound? The truth, on the other hand, is that the mix of epic/progressive/symphonic elements STYX have been presenting over 30 years(!) now is really suitable for orchestra rearrangements. And, the scope being nice, One With Everything succeeds in so. Crystal Ball, Blue Collar Man, Boat On The River, Renegade, Miss America and this kind of classics is of no objection when it comes to musical clarity. The names of Lawrence Gowan (GOWAN), Ricky Phillips (BAD ENGLISH, THE BABYS, COVERDALE/PAGE) and Todd Sucherman (MICHAEL BOLTON, BRIAN WILSON) in the band's ranks are surely of excessive trust to accompany the monumental Shaw/Young/Panozzo trio. Don't even dare to suspect less of a majestic instrumentation, OK?
The specific live album must've already been released on a DVD disc, too. I'd like to catch a glimpse on it, I dare to say. Not to forget, the American issue will feature a somehow different tracklist, but - in any way - it is not that regrettable to keep this release out of scope if you're into STYX and such bands. One With Everything breathes art 'embossed' on stage; nothing more and nothing less.
P.S.: Just Be and Everything All The Time are brand new cuts; of good taste, I add.

"One With Everything" Track-listing:

Blue Collar Man
One With Everything
It Don't Make Sense (You Can't Make Peace)
Everything All The Time
I Am The Walrus
Just Be
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
Boat On The River
I Don't Need No Doctor
Crystal Ball
Too Much Time On My Hands
Miss America

Styx (And The Contemporary Youth Orchestra) Lineup:

Tommy Shaw - Guitars, Vocals, Mandolin
James Young - Guitars, Vocals
Lawrence Gowan - Keyboards, Vocals
Todd Sucherman - Drums, Percussion
Ricky Phillips - Bass, Backing Vocals, Guitar
Chuck Panozzo - Bass

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