The Human twilight zone

Stygma IV

The Human Twilight Zone is the latest album from Austrian Heavy Metal band Stygma IV […]
By David Kaluza
May 23, 2002
Stygma IV - The Human twilight zone album cover

The Human Twilight Zone is the latest album from Austrian Heavy Metal band Stygma IV (formerly also known as Stygmata and Stygmata IV) and appears to be a logical follow-up to their previous release Phobia.
Musically, the band still plays slightly progressive, power full heavy metal while lyrically dealing with the darker sides of life. However, while it is obvious that the band members are without a doubt skilled musicians (especially singer Ritchie Krenmaier) I can't help but feel a little bit bored with this release, somehow It is like you heard all of this before in various other bands, but performed just a little bit better and more notable. For some reason this band just doesn't have enough of an own identity yet to make it to the next level. (perhaps as well due to a lack of live performances).
That doesn't say that The Human Twilight Zone is a weak album though, as nearly every track on the album does manage to sound pretty solid  (except for closing song The Way To Light which is by far the weakest on offer here). Most notable songs are Calculation Towers, Why and the title-track The Human Twilight Zone, but again, for some reason I just don't seem to get into this band, no matter how hard I try (I had exactly the same problems with Phobia really).
Still, if you are a fan of this band and enjoy any of the other albums, this one is well worth getting, and of course, there are far worse releases these days. Apart from this Stygma IV does deserve all credit for sticking it out, and should deserve at least a bit more attention in the future (and hopefully for them finally a decent tour). A decent middle class album.

7 / 10


"The Human twilight zone" Track-listing:

Calculation Towers
The Void
Earth Children
The Human Twilightzone
At The End Of My Daze
My Failure Reveals
The Way Of Light

Stygma IV Lineup:

Ali Hilzensauer - 6 string bass
Ritchie Krenmaier - vocals
Günter Maier - guitars
Herb Greisberger - drums

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