Murder By Pride


So here comes the seventh album for the christian metallers STRYPER, and, let's say, the […]
By Maria Kallinikou
September 3, 2009
Stryper - Murder By Pride album cover

So here comes the seventh album for the christian metallers STRYPER, and, let's say, the second - after their reunion - album in 2005 ‚Reborn. This new release is an album full of cracking melodies, stunning vocals and nifty solos. The band celebrates this September its 25 year anniversary and it is more than pleasant to realize through this release that the vocals of Michael Sweet haven't changed with the years' passing.

Each song is dressed in great solos; yeap, Mr. Fox has done nothing less than amazing job on the frets. Murder By Pride includes a cover of BOSTON, Piece Of Mind, which is actually the first single for that album. Apart from this cover, Tom Scholz (BOSTON) is on guitars for the ballad Alive. Naturally, this ballad has too much of BOSTON in it despite if one knows that Scholz is participating or not.

Apart from the melodic hard rhythm, there are some songs that bring as well a slice of modern sound, like The Plan, I Believe and Everything, but do not be alarmed, because these elements fit quite perfectly with what STRYPER wants to present. Mercy Over Blame unveils beautiful melody changes and the self titled track offers lots of powerful riffs.

With Murder By Pride STRYPER will definitely not let their fans down. The vocals haven't lost their power, the guitar compositions of Oz Fox are more than great and the production, although it had more chances of reaching a higher level, is quite good. Go for it...

7 / 10


"Murder By Pride" Track-listing:

Eclipse Of The Son  
4 Leaf Clover  
Peace Of Mind (feat. Tom Scholz)  
The Plan  
Murder By Pride  
I Believe  
Run In You  
Love Is Why  
Mercy Over Blame  
My Love (I'll Always Show) 
My Love, My Life, My Flame

Stryper Lineup:

Michael Harrison Sweet - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Oz Fox - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Tracy Ferrie - Bass
Robert Lee Sweet - Drums

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