Genres like Rock and Metal has hell lot of surprise packages. One cannot know what's […]
By Shwetha Kamath
February 12, 2014
Stratus - Stratology album cover

Genres like Rock and Metal has hell lot of surprise packages. One cannot know what's inside those genres. It's like diamond found inside a chocolate box. Guess what! STRATUS is one of those Hard Rock bands which would take you for a swing. You would not know what those roller coaster riffs and the groovy drumming can do to your ears. Personally speaking as a reviewer, their music made me dance to the steps of their drum beats. With a pinch of blue and classical style of Rock, the mixture of music just bombarded pieces of rainbow colors to the whole level like a pyramid.

Portraying the 70's Rock and being a three piece band just swayed its rhythm to a new level of talent and music which can captivate anyone. Even though it's a three piece band, people will actually think it's a 5 piece band. Creativity, originality and whole new energy of 70's living on the 21st century type of music is something rare to find.

Guitarist Fredrick Anderson, bassist Georg Bivall and the drummer Robert Wiiand blasted a dynamite of Rock and fusion of Jazz in every single track of theirs in the album "Stratology". "Stratology" has conveyed the overly written massive epic dynamic progressive music from a simple instrumental piece "Stratuspheric" to a flowing mixture track "She Is The Sun" Not to mention, their vocals had the thin line of struggle for the lyrics which is mysteriously captivating but then again, it has little flaw here and there. There is no doubt about the whole album being the best vintage kind of Hard Rock out there.

Generally, most of the Rock bands play for commercial purpose, which is why it spoils the hope for almost every time for the audience to expect a better quality. Prevailing from Sweden, launching their own independent album without waiting or signing in for a record label and making it to the top is pain in the ass issue. For now, this band is doing well and with their passion, people will accept them. No doubt about it. The fate is in audience's hands. So rockers out there! Check them out. I assure you the best of best bands here at your hands to accept and judge!

8 / 10


"Stratology" Track-listing:

1. Stratuspheric
2. Riddle For The Ages
3. Mundane Utility
4. Bavarian Fire Drill
5. Keep Your Fingers Off My Wallet
6. Colder Than It Used To Be
7. Commuter Blast
8. Wait A While
9. Parellel Priarie
10. Sienna Hill
11. Arithmetic And Calculus
12. She Is The Sun

Stratus Lineup:

Fredrick Anderson - Vocals / Guitar
Georg Bivall - Bass
Robert Wiiand - Drums

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