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STRANGELET is a Hard & Heavy Rock band with Glam Metal influences from Heilbronn in […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
March 2, 2015
Strangelet - First Bite album cover

STRANGELET is a Hard & Heavy Rock band with Glam Metal influences from Heilbronn in Germany. The band was formed in 2011 and on 12th December 2014 they released debut album called "First Bite". Their sound and style is influenced by Rock acts from the glorious 80's, including powerful riffing, melodic vintage keyboards and catchy refrains. Four men and one powerful lady on drums connecting modern elements, techniques and influences from heavier ones to epic ballads.

My favourite track on this album is "Tainted". This is a mega catchy hit with impressive sounding keys and fantastic choir in refrain; "We are, we are... wild and free!". This song has unbelievable memorable melody and energy just pouring out of this track. I love it from first listen! Genuinely what a fabulous work of guitars, bass & drums and brilliant keys! Opening single track  "Privilege of Power" has great riffs, clear rhythmic section, amazing power with melody and young energies! Fabulous guitar solo and catchy refrain with nice choir is the icing on the cake.

Melody is here to shine! In "Snakebite" is powerful rhythmic section & energetic guitar riffs & fel spirit of Hard Rock 80's in the sounds of the keys. Fabulous working bass & magnificent guitar solo. I like also "Pray to Break" which is opens with fine drumming, great keys and hard riffs with DEEP PURPLE echoes & the chorus has thick, layered vocals with memorable melody in Glam Metal similarity. "Nothing" has gorgeous stadium melodic vocals in style of CRAZY LIXX and STEEL PANTHER and melody.

I adore the epic ballad "Stillborn", with gentle guitar, nice bass, stadium great style in Glam Rock style in more energetic refrain. Very enjoyable sounds! Wonderful singing by Stefan is in "All That's Left" with gentle sounds, here is also female singing in a beautiful style. Amazing atmosphere & brilliant climate is building in each step with also guitars in the background. "Touch the Sky" is another interesting track where acoustic guitars open it and then heavier kick-ass riffs with melodic modern refrain with stronger elements follow it. Stefan Zörner has a very melodic and great voice, his singing is clean and pure so that listeners could understand every word.

Worth listening to are also: "Hell & Back" with fantastic Hard Rock climate, Rock 'N' Roll echoes in riffs and harmony in Country style, modern sounds in melodic "Hiding Star" with power, electronic beat & Hammond organs and also "Catching Fire" with calmer sounds, Rock 'N' Roll elements, Hammond organs and rockin rhythm with impressive guitar solo.

The music of STRANGELET is melodious and catchy. They are young and the power is noticeable in their music. Every song on this CD has a solid base of melodic Hard Rock with elements of Glam and Heavy Metal. The guys put into this album much experience & high level of playing! It is hard to believe that "First Bite" is their debut album. I hear in their work big passion and I see big potential in this German band! After listening to the whole album in my mind still are catchy melodies & I'm sure that Hard Rock lovers will love this CD too!

10 / 10


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"First Bite" Track-listing:

1. Privilege of Power
2. Nothing
3. Tainted
4. Pray to Break
5. Stillborn
6. Snakebite
7. Hell & Back
8. Touch the Sky
9. Catching Fire
10. All That's Left
11. Hiding Star

Strangelet Lineup:

Stefan Zörner - Vocals
Tobias Eurich - Guitars
Jonas Kümmerle - Keyboards
Jessica Stuart - Drums
Finn Janetzky - Bass

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