Among The Flames Of War


Greece praises 80s American Power/Epic Metal and newer bands in my homeland still emerge honoring […]
By Grigoris Chronis
December 10, 2009
Storrmbringer - Among The Flames Of War album cover

Greece praises 80s American Power/Epic Metal and newer bands in my homeland still emerge honoring one of the most genuine Metal sub-genres. STORRMBRINGER - hailing from the beautiful city of Volos - present their first official album entitled Among The Flames Of War. Still, keeping the traditional Metal flame alive is a hard task and needs more than just a frank spirit.
The band's style owes a lot to the 80s American Metal standards, as globally present by bands like MANOWAR, BROCAS HELM, ATTACKER or JAG PANZER through the years, with the IRON MAIDEN 'ghost' being always present. Semi-barbaric guitar riffs, battlefield tempos and dual leads all the way, all these backing high-pitched vocals on a warlike motive. There are enough good moments - songwise - in the CD with promising parts revealing an honest approach by the young band. Still, STORRMBRINGER has lots of work to do in solidifying their structures as well as their synchronization/timing since in enough parts the album twists and wags; the same goes for the vocals which sound quite profuse and untaught, even if exposing a strong of coat of deliverance. The production is average, too...
If this was a demo release destined to inquire a draft impression by the fans or Media then we'd not worry but give 'thumbs up' to STORRMBRINGER for an auspicious beginning. But for an official debut album Among The Flames Of War lacks a bunch of crucial factors needed to be fixed in order to speak for a solid band/discography in the future.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Among The Flames Of War" Track-listing:

Among The Flames Of War
Heathen Cry
Return Of The Avenger
Raging Steel
Under The Wings Of The Eagle

Storrmbringer Lineup:

Tryfonas - Vocals
Jim - Guitars
Kostas - Bass
Tasos - Drums

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