Season Of The Witch


Ever since I came to comprehend the magnitude of German Heavy Metal, I could always […]
February 12, 2015
Stormwitch - Season Of The Witch album cover

Ever since I came to comprehend the magnitude of German Heavy Metal, I could always sense the wholesome of power that the Teutonic Metal vision wished to embrace and unleash on the worldwide scene. Taking points from the Brits, the Germans always made their Metal apparition as fiercer, yet not less melodic in contrast to the former. There have been always the main celebrities such ACCEPT, HELLOWEEN, GRAVE DIGGER, SINNER and a bit later on GAMMA RAY and PRIMAL FEAR that have been setting the tone, on the other hand, there were, and still are, bands that are no less legendary in their Metal.

STORMWITCH, originally from Heidenheim, Baden-Württemberg, has been quite active in the 80's, went over a breakup in the 90's only to come back again the first years of the 00's. Classic releases that these guys put out like "Stronger Than Heaven", "Walpurgis Night" and "The Beauty And The Beast" are models of an exemplary Heavy Metal epic. Consequent to an almost 11 years hiatus, along with signing to Massacre Records, the underrated veteran chaps return with a new album by the name of "Season Of The Witch".

Listening to STORMWITCH in overall always made me think of how different they are from most of the German Metal bands. Surely the band's musical capture of how Metal should sound is somewhat identical to the local heroes, yet something in the presentation of the material always felt theatrical even if the music itself had no manipulations but only down to earth Heavy Metal of bread and butter. Also there is the possibility that STORMWITCH's sense for epic and legendary happenings, contributed to their measured genuine creativity. Furthermore, and I observe this aspect as the band's main reason of their success, is the longstanding vocalist Andy Mück. With utmost respects to the esteemed musicians of STORMWITCH, Muck's longtime fronting accomplished a lot for the band and its theatrical impression. At times resembling an every next Brit Pop singer of the mid 80's, this guy maintains a thin layered voice closer to the high pitch zone, taking the songs of this album to new dimensions, upgrading the often generic overall feel of the arrangements, championing them.

"Season Of The Witch" bestows the band's usual conceptions and perspective, as if the 80's were never gone, in a kind of pattern that is easy to listen and digest, sometimes catchy and even closer to the anthem based tunes, yet also hurdling the flaw of being a bit weary at times that would send you yawning. However, trust me that it will barely happen. Surging with slow tempo heaviness with an imagery of grey and desperation, I was claimed by "Trail of Tears", almost DEEP PURPLE in its orientation, I was bounded to the essence of true Metal. As German Metal being the factory of Metal anthems, I was embraced by hope striking "True Until the End", epic "Taliesin" and the melodic enticing drama splattered all over on "Season Of The Witch", no doubt that band's most harmonic song on the album. Coming up as bonus tracks, for whoever is fortunate to have it if that edition isn't already sold out, will have a chance to listen to the heaviest piece of Metal through "The Singer's Curse", a sort of epic track scaling over 8 minutes, firing the chunkiest riffery as if the band was earlier holding itself from bursting out, quite an enjoyable track and a fine delivery of Heavy Metal.

STORMWITCH is a bit far from laying down the law with "Season Of The Witch", yet it is a solid reminder of their 80's Metal legacy. I believe it to be a must addition for every collector and for those that wish to enjoy a different kind of German Metal.

7 / 10


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"Season Of The Witch" Track-listing:

1. Evil Spirit
2. Taliesin
3. Last Warrior
4. True Until the End
5. Season of the Witch
6. Runescape
7. At the End of the World
8. Trail of Tears
9. The Harper in the Wind
10. The Singer's Curse
11. Different Eyes

Stormwitch Lineup:

Andy Mück - Vocals
Ralf Stoney - Guitars
Wanschi - Bass
Volker Schmietow - Guitars
Micha Kasper - Drums

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