Blood and Rust


I'm here with the second release from the British band - STORMBRINGER. They formed a […]
By SamiiMittelstaedt
November 2, 2015
Stormbringer - Blood and Rust album cover

I'm here with the second release from the British band - STORMBRINGER. They formed a band in 2011 and release their debut - called "MMXIII" two years later. After the releasing their first album, the singer left the band and was replaced by Jimi Brown. And now, they will be releasing their second album called "Blood and Rust" by Attic Records UK in 26th October.

The artwork, you could judge, is a Death or Black Metal band but you're completely wrong, listener. They play an uncompromising Rock with Heavy Metal elements played by exceptional musicians.

The first song - an instrumental introduction - had a dark atmosphere that remembers you IRON MAIDEN in your early years. The second "Clutchy" with an excellent instrumental and what a pleasant voice Jimi Brawn has! The great highlight in this song is the shredding solo by Ash Smith. It's a simple music with simple elements but a catchy song that makes you like it in the first listening. The third - "Rise" - with a fast tempo in drums by John Paul Quantrill, shows few the musicians can do. It's an awesome song with heavy and angry guitars and cool vocals. "Unto Me" starts with a distorted guitar and an excellent tempo. The chorus is sticky and Jimi's singing looks like sometimes Mike Patton - FAITH NO MORE frontman. With a super riff in bass by Darren McCullagh, "Ashamed" starts showing all the heavy sound that STORMBRINGER can do.

It's unbelievable and impressive is the whole band. The sound isn't complex like you can check in songs like "No Return", "Cross To Bear" and "War". In another song - "Bad Blood" - the modern and Pop elements could be felt making a diversified album. And the last track - "Psycho Killer" -  if you don't know this song yet, is a cover from New Wave/Rock band TALKING HEADS. And what fantastic cover they make! They could balance the heavy sound that is peculiar in STORMBRINGER sound with the TALKING HEADS dancing style. This song is one of the highlights in the STORMBRINGER new album.

If you like bands that make an uncompromising and heavy Rock, I'm sure you will like "Blood and Rust".<

8 / 10


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"Blood and Rust" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Clutchy
3. Rise
4. Unto Me
5. Shamed
6. No Return
7. Bad Blood
8. NaNa
9. Cross to Bear
10. War
11. Psychokiller

Stormbringer Lineup:

Jimi Brown - Vocals
Ash Smith - Guitars
Dom Wallace - Guitars
Darren McCullagh - Bass
John Paul Quantrill - Drums

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